Always Midnight

Madison Johnson's life changes the moment she lays eyes on Christian Watson. Christian is unlike any boy Madison has ever met in her life, he's a guy with a secret-he's a vampire with a deadly past. When they fall in love, Christian's past soon makes its way into their future together. As his past catches up to him, Madison must decide how much she will sacrifice to be with the man she loves.

Copyright © 2011


28. Enemies

The weeks passed by and life went back to normal, at least that’s what I wish I could say. News about Christian’s and I relationship continued to shock many of our classmates but the staring and whispering stopped. We spent most of our time together after school days and on the weekends. Over the course of the weeks we learned more about each other and bonded. We usually stayed at my house, since Emilia didn’t approve of our relationship, I avoided her at all times. The relationship between Emilia and Christian deteriorated over time to the point where they no longer communicated. The situation became more strained whenever Lucas would talk to Christian. Lucas and I were both caught in the middle of their feuding.

My relationships with my friends weren’t on the best terms either. Dean and Jocelyn stopped talking to me for reasons I didn’t fathom. Even though we all sat at the same lunch table, Dean and Jocelyn ignored me. Their refusal to acknowledge me not only puzzled me but frustrated me. Worst of all, their actions hurt me, especially Deans' who has always been a part of my life. One day, I ambushed Dean after his football practice to find out what his problem was. Dean wasn’t expecting me to be waiting for him outside of his car, but there I stood, determined to win my friend back.

“What are you doing here MJ?” Dean asked me. 

“I’m here to find out why you are ignoring me Dean, we haven’t spoken for weeks now and for the life of me I’ve tried to figure out on my own what I’ve done wrong. I got nothing, so please enlighten me.” 

“Madison I don’t have time for your girl drama, leave me alone.” Dean snapped.

His rude tone caught me off guard and hurt. Dean didn’t say anything instead he stood there waiting for me, his expression hostile. 

“What have I done Dean? Tell me that and I’ll leave you alone. It's like you hate me or something.” My eyes started to water. 

“You know I don't hate you. I can't talk about this right now.” Dean said impatiently.

“No, Dean that’s not fair. You’re my best friend and you’re treating me like shit what the hell is your problem? I want to know right now.” I demanded.

“Ever since you've come back to Maple Falls, you've had this guard up. This wall that I worked hard on breaking down. You’ve let me in some moments and it was almost as if I had my old MJ back. But the moment Christian walked into your life you've changed again, and now that wall is back. I told you I don't trust that guy, something isn't right about him. I thought you understood that the moment he broke your heart, but its obvious that you don't. I don't support you two together Madison. I don't like it one damn bit.” Dean spat out.

“Dean I've always supported you since I've known you. Yes, there were times I've had my guard up, that's just how I am. I've let you and Lillian into parts of me I've never exposed to anyone else. But you guys have your own lives to live, and can't always be there and that's a thousand percent understandable. Now I’ve finally found someone while all you guys have been hooking up together. Now I have a boyfriend too and all hell breaks loose? Yes, Christian and I got off to a hard start but we're together now. He has done nothing to you and neither have I. I have changed again, I'm happy. My personal life is mine Dean, I know you don't trust him. I'm not asking you too, I'm asking you to trust me. I've never judged you about your love life, there's no need for you to judge mine.” 

“I can't trust someone that I don't know anymore, Madison.” 

“I don't know when you became so cold, this isn't you. I don't think you're telling me the whole truth. I think the reason you're upset is because I've been on the back burner haven't I? You never thought the day would come where you would have to see me with another guy, and now that I'm with someone it kills you. But I guess it was okay for me to watch you parade around with Katie and have feelings for Lilly right?" The words were harsh, but I didn't care. If anyone changed it had been Dean, not me. 

"That's not fair, and you know it!" Dean yelled. "You think it's been easy for me to be around you this past couple of years, I admit it. I still love you. But our relationship never meant anything to you and it was clear from the day you came back. When you came back I thought we would pick up where we left off but become so introverted and wouldn't let me in. Was I supposed to wait around forever to be ignored by you? Don't stand there and try to make it seem like jealously is the root of this. The fact is that Christian is bad news and I'm not going to be around to see you self destruct with him." He shouted. 

"Our relationship meant more to me than you know, but that's the thing about you Dean. You're so used to getting everything you want that when its time to work for something in order to have it, you give up. You did it then and you’re doing it now. You've never been a true friend." My last statement was a total lie, but a childish instinct overtook me, and I wanted to hurt Dean in that moment for hurting me. 
It was wrong to say and even Dean took a step back from me, in disgust. 
"Believe that all you'd like Madison. Doesn't matter, I guess I wasn't your friend then and I'm sure as hell not your friend now." With that, he turned away from me.

I ran away from him to my car, into the arms of Christian, who drove me home while I cried the whole way. Never in my wildest dreams would I have envisioned myself fighting with Dean Ackley. Deans words pierced holes in my heart, he was one of my best friends. My own disgusting behavior broke my heart as well, but I knew that Dean and I would never recover from this fallout. I truly lost a great friend. I thought life couldn't get worse, I was wrong.

A day after our heated exchange Dean left our table instead he and Katie sat at the jock table with Dean’s teammates. Lillian, Jensen, Julian, Angelica, Justin and Jocelyn were quieter than usual, and didn’t bother to talk much to either Christian or I. All friendships simultaneously were crumbling before my eyes. Determined to mend them back together, I decided to use my ambush tactics to corner Jocelyn into talking to me. I waited outside her locker after school, I had to fix this brick wall between us. 

“Jo…can we talk real quick?” I asked her when she reached her locker. 

“Fine, but make it short, I have places to be.”

I ignored her bitchy comment, “Jo I’m not sure what I’ve done to you but I am sorry, I don’t want us to stop being friends but I feel like you're slipping away from me.” 

“Madison you know what you’ve done. You knew I liked Christian and now you guys are dating. You went behind my back. That’s a pretty messed up thing to do to a so called best friend.” Jocelyn sneered.

“Jo. You never ever told me you liked him. In fact, at the Pond you were talking about Justin and being with him. How can you be mad at me for something I had no knowledge of? That’s not fair, and the way you and Dean are treating me is pretty messed up.” I seethed. 

“Whatever, you crossed the line. I find it funny Christian is dating you. You’re not even that pretty or popular. Without us, you would’ve never been popular in the first place. Way to repay us. The fact he chose you over me proves Dean was right, he's using you for something. Maybe sex. At the end of the day, you're a backstabbing slut and you know it.” Her words stung, Jocelyn crossed the line. I never figured Jocelyn to be this downright cruel. 

“Jocelyn there are many hurtful things I can say to you right now, so many secrets I could spill to this school's gossip line and destroy you and you know it. I won't do it because I've been nothing but a good friend to you. Let me say this though, for someone who is pretty on the outside, you are nothing but a spiteful witch. And please tell me when was the last time you had a meaningful relationship that lasted longer than a week?” I shot back.

I turned on my heel leaving Jocelyn standing there speechless. I stalked towards the exit leading into the student parking lot, the wind blowing in my face. Christian waited for me by his car like he always did to give me a ride home, his smile disappeared when he saw me. 

“Madison what’s wrong?” He asked fearful, holding my shoulders looking at me.

His brown eyes flashed blue, as he searched for Jocelyn’s thoughts. I remained silent and waited. I’d gotten used to his flashing eye colors, whenever Christian read thoughts his eyes changed as he processed the information. I found out this information when he confessed how he tried to read my mind on the day he tried to fix my car. His eye color also changed when he was thirsty, excited or angry. The changes amazed me, and made it easier to tell what type of mood he was in.

“Oh I see, I hoped she would’ve gotten over her perverted obsession over me. She was out of line saying those mean things to you. It will be okay, she’s pissed now but she will come around.” He vowed, rubbing my shoulders.

“My goodness, I am tired of having to be the one waiting for people to come around when I’ve done nothing wrong. I shouldn’t have to wait for Emilia, Dean, Jocelyn or anyone else to come around. Why is everyone against us? Why can’t our relationship be welcomed with open arms and our family and friends be happy for us?” I complained, letting my head fall onto his shoulders as he held me. 

“I know it’s hard for you. People have a tendency to hurt the ones closest to them when something in their lives aren’t going as expected. There are things that both Dean and Jocelyn are dealing within themselves but despite their cold attitudes towards you deep down they care about you and value your friendship. At least you have the weekend to relax now. Come on lets get you home babe.” 

On the ride home, I let his words set in. I wouldn’t let my friends come between us, if people had a problem with us then so be it. I was tired of trying to make everyone happy, you can’t please everyone. 

I made up my mind to focus my attention on my relationship. We both did our homework, then watched television in my room, laying down on my bed. The low sound of television filled the house since my mother wasn’t home, she’d been working at the hospital late again. Christian laid behind me as we watched the screen. He placed an arm over my hip, I decided to make my move at that moment. 

I rolled over facing him, “Thanks for making me feel better.” 

“That’s what I’m here for.” He said grinning.

I moved closer to him, and kissed him on the lips. The familiar scent of oranges and pine entered my nose, intoxicating me heavily. Christian kissed me matching my passion with an eagerness and passion of his own that made my body and soul ache for him. Our tongues danced with each other in perfect harmony. Somehow I shifted myself on top of Christian, kissing him on the lips first then moving to his neck. I placed delicate soft kisses from his collarbone to below his ear. He moaned softly, sending my heartbeat into a frenzy.

He’d never let me get on top of him like this before, I decided that today would be the day. I carefully removed my shirt, baring my bra, as I straddled him. He stared at me mesmerized, watching me intently as he moved his hands up my arms. He sat up in order to reach my mouth with his and continued to kiss me again, his tongue exploring mine in circles. His fingers grazed my bare back up and down crossing over my bra. My breathing deepened, I broke our kiss and tried to unhook my bra. 

I blew it in an instant. 

Christian flung me off of him roughly, and when I finally caught my breathe he was standing by the window with his back turned away from me. I sighed and waited.

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