Always Midnight

Madison Johnson's life changes the moment she lays eyes on Christian Watson. Christian is unlike any boy Madison has ever met in her life, he's a guy with a secret-he's a vampire with a deadly past. When they fall in love, Christian's past soon makes its way into their future together. As his past catches up to him, Madison must decide how much she will sacrifice to be with the man she loves.

Copyright © 2011


37. Don't Ask, Don't Tell


“Madison can we talk?” Lucas asked me one morning while I was at the Watson’s house. I was in the kitchen with Christian sitting at the counter eating cereal. There was human food there now thanks to Elizabeth who went grocery shopping for me. Days had passed since that night I saw Lucas and over the course of those days he’d done everything in his power to avoid me. He and Emilia had stayed over at their cottage but when they did come over he’d say nothing to me. 

Emilia still shot death glares at me, obviously she knew I saw Lucas that night and probably wasn’t happy that I knew his secret. 

Christian and Emilia’s relationship was icy, they refused to acknowledge each other whenever she came over. Over the few days I spent most of my time at the Watson’s house with Christian, I thought my mother would protest this but after talking to Nathaniel she didn’t mind. School wouldn’t be starting for another couple of days so I continued to spend my time with Christian. Occasionally, I would leave to hangout with Lillian and Jensen. Spending time with my friends felt nice and helped to keep me attached to some form of my previous life. 

The link between Christian and I did break, we were fine to make physical contact and my Aura was safe from being sucked away. However, we did suffer one tiny consequence from our blood donating session. Nathaniel is still trying to figure out how it happened but it has and unlike everyone else, I am ecstatic that I developed it. Apparently now, I am more attuned to Christian than how a normal human should be. I never have to ask where Christian is anymore because somehow I know. I can sense where he is sort of like an internal GPS system where my only destination is Christian. All I had to do in order to find him was concentrate real hard and then I would feel his presence.

After our blood session that night the next morning I woke up to find him gone. I closed my eyes, thinking of where he could be when I suddenly felt it. He’d been in the woods by Oasis Pond, when he came back he was shocked to find out I knew where he went. Immediately, he became concerned stirring up a frenzy in the house, Nathaniel observed me that whole day. We tested my new sense, Christian would hide in a certain part of the house and somehow I would find him. Christian couldn’t escape me, I found him every time.

Nathaniel hypothesized that if my blood was now inside Christian, a part of my Aura must be as well. Therefore, I would always was able to find him because technically I was looking for myself. We all agreed this made some sense but how can a mere human girl, develop such a weird sense? Well, that was the main question that haunted us all. However, Nathaniel concluded that this new sense didn’t seem to harm me or change anything physically about me, so he dropped the issue for now unless anything else happened. The whole Watson family was unnerved by this but there wasn't anything anyone could do except wait for something else to happen.

Christian became used to the fact knowing that I could find him whenever I wanted to. I could tell that even though he became accustomed to my new found power he didn’t like it. Our relationship became stronger than before since that night. We were in sync to the point we didn’t have to speak to guess what the other was thinking or feeling. One look or touch communicated a million things between us that words didn’t, I’ve never felt more secure in a relationship. While staying with Christian, I decided to read on his vampire history.

I learned that vampires can eat garlic, sunbathe and sleep in regular beds if they wanted too. These myths helped to make the few humans who knew about vampires feel safe and were perpetuated by vampires themselves. The one thing vampires are afraid of is witches, and anything that is composed of dragon blood root. It's a protection herb than can curb Coercion and weaken a vampire. It's not something that is easy to come by but it does help. Cheap relics of holy crosses will not deter a vampire but one that is blessed can weaken a vampire as well, along with certain pagan wards that are deeply rooted in magic. Besides those few repellents vampires were virtually impossible to kill and that's why vampires are among the dominant races among the supernatural. 

“Madison did you hear me?’ Lucas asked me concerned.

Christian, too, began to stare at me as if I were incompetent. I broke from my thoughts to face Lucas, who happened to be waiting patiently but anxious. A prickling feeling of suspicion flowed through me, somehow I had a feeling this whole thing was planned. I glanced at Christian whose face became neutral, betraying nothing as he stared back, instead he too waited patiently for my answer. I bit my lip, and nodded my head in agreement. I hopped off the bar stool, waiting for Christian to join me. 

“Alone in the backyard, I meant.” Lucas clarified obviously noticing me waiting for Christian. 

“Yeah of course, let me clean up my mess first.” I said, trying to buy me some time, but of course Christian knew what I was up too. Christian swiftly grabbed my bowl before I even lifted my hand, walking to the sink. 

“I got it sweetheart.” He told me sweetly, but I smirked at him, not fooled. 

He grinned at me, turning his back on me and Lucas to wash the dishes. I gave up and followed Lucas out the back door into the backyard, the bitter wind chill caught me off guard causing me to shiver. The sun hid behind the dark gray clouds, which promised nothing but rain for later on tonight. Lucas noticed my shivering and handed me his sweater, which I was grateful for.

“Thanks Lucas.” I said.

“You’re welcome, it’s nice out here. I don’t know why I even bothered to put a sweater on I am always burning up anyway.” He told me walking further out into the backyard. I continued to follow him, instantly the fresh scent of dew and pine trees attacked my nose. Abruptly, Lucas stopped walking and turned to face me. 

“You saw me that night.” He stated, not asking. 

“Yes.” I told him. 

“Did Christian tell you what I am?”

“No. He said that you were his brother, that I should trust you. And that your secret wasn’t his to tell.” I bit my lip, I didn’t want to talk about this subject for some reason, talking to Lucas made me uncomfortable. Not that I was afraid of him, but I felt as if I were causing him pain. 

It tore at me, I’d never seen Lucas serious before but as I studied his dark eyes, I knew I’d forced his hand into telling me the truth. I wished I’d never seen anything, this topic apparently caused him some form of pain to talk about.

“Well…” He began but I cut him off.
“Lucas, I don’t have to know. It’s none of my business. Before I felt as if I had to know to make sure that you weren’t the one responsible for hurting anyone. But I don’t care anymore because I trust you, and you don’t owe me any explanation. This is a subject that is uncomfortable and painful for you, I don’t want to cause you pain.” 

Lucas stared at me, considering the option and looked a bit relieved before his eyebrows burrowed. He’d already made up his mind, and a part of him wants to tell me, I realized. I waited, even if I didn’t want to hear his explanation I owed it to Lucas to give him my attention. After all, this was harder for him than it was for me.   “I’m not a vampire, and I’m not dead. I’m a…basically, I am…” 

“A Werewolf?” I finished for him.

“I thought Christian didn’t tell you?” Lucas asked a bit confused. 

“He didn’t tell me, I’ve been reading Nathaniel’s books in his study. One of the books I stumbled on talked about your kind, it even had a picture. I just happened to put two and two together. I hope I didn’t steal your thunder or something.” I told him. 

“Ha!, No it’s fine. You’ve known this for a while and Christian didn’t realize you figured it out?” Lucas asked me, amazed.

“No he didn’t know. Were you born this way, if you don‘t mind me asking?” 

“When I turned sixteen years old I felt these changes in my body that I knew weren’t normal teenage hormones. My real parents died so I lived with my grandfather at the time, who I went to, not knowing that my whole world would change. He told me what I was-what I am, and that I was born with my condition due to my father being the same way. I yearned to find out everything about my condition but my grandfather died, all he left behind was my father’s journals. I researched my heritage, eventually learning enough to survive and accept myself. It was hard for me in the beginning and painful when I shape shifted, learning how to control my rage.” Lucas sighed. 

“Rage? Lucas you are the most mellow guy I’ve ever met whose not a pothead.” I joked lighty. 

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” Lucas grinned, “But that’s because it’s taken years for me to control it, it’s a part of me though and seeps through. I always have Emilia and Christian to help me when that happens on its rare occasions.” 

“You being a werewolf…is that why Nathaniel and Elizabeth didn’t approve of you when you started to date Emilia?” My curiosity got the better of me and I had failed to stop the question. 

“At least Christian told you something about me, beginning to feel as if I was being left out.” Lucas joked, “Yeah, our relationship isn’t rare but isn’t acceptable, it’s always been that way since the beginning of our time. I’m sure you know that wolves were slaves for vampires in the old days, that animosity is still between the two species. It will always be, when my pack found out about our relationship they threatened to kill her. I fought for my freedom from the pack against our leader, Ulysses and won. I then left my pack behind, moving in with the Watson’s to be with Emilia. That decision was the best one I’ve ever made…” Lucas trailed off. 

“Wait, if you had to fight your alpha male then you had to…”

“Yes, I killed him.” Lucas filled in, his voice hard. 

“Okay. Didn’t you become the alpha male then? That would mean you-you have your own werewolf family here? There are more of you?” I asked, trying to put everything together. 

If Lucas had his werewolf family in Maple Falls then maybe one of them went rogue and on a killing spree. 

“Yes, I did become alpha male but my pack isn’t here in Maple Falls. They’re up in Canada now, I appointed my second in command when I left because I wasn’t able to fulfill all of the alpha males duties. I only wanted to be with Emilia, I didn’t want to live that pack life. I am only required to see my pack family every three months to make sure all is well, and if there are any challenges then I face them. My pack family is more of a democracy instead of a tyranny, everyone is allowed to speak their mind or voice their concerns. They are made up of teachers, lawyers and other professionals. Evolved wolves aren’t savages or uncontrollable beasts at least not those who are truly born with the gene. Those wolves who are attacked undergo a terrible infection when bitten, if they survive, that eats at their minds which makes them go crazy. Their beast comes out during the lunar cycles, totally lacking control of the rage inside of them. They’d kill their whole family during their phasing and not even know it or care. They are very dangerous, we track and try to teach them how to control it. If they can’t then they are dealt with accordingly. There are the wolves who stay in beast form at all times. These are the old world wolves, they are extremely rare and dangerous.” Lucas explained to me, his voice cold. 

“Do you think one of these old world wolves could be to blame for the murders here?” I wondered out loud. 

“No, not a real wolf. With me being a alpha wolf I can hear any wolf’s mind unless it’s another alpha male, because they can conceal their thoughts. If another alpha could read another alpha’s mind then it wouldn’t much of a fight, when it came to challenging each other for pack leader. We are all connected but can only read those who aren’t our equals. Old wolves aren’t dominant at all because they run on instinct and emotions, their thoughts are disorganized.” Lucas clarified, walking back to the house, signaling that our conversation was coming to an end. 

I walked faster, trying to catch up to him. At first I didn’t want to talk to Lucas and now, I didn’t want to stop. His world intrigued me, I became thirsty for more knowledge on Lucas’s past and his present life. The wind picked up speed whipping my hair around my face, I pushed it back from my face. Lucas’s body stiffened, as he stopped to face me. 

“You really do smell delicious, no wonder Christian is careful around you for the most part. You are quite tempting, enough to make even my mouth water.” His eyes blazed a warm fire.

“Um…I thought wolves didn’t eat humans for food.” I said.

“That’s a lie, we like human blood when we’re in our wolf form, we’re carnivores. When you’re born a wolf, you senses are heightened all the time, and you have the ability to change at will. But my wolf inside of me stirs occasionally when you’re around, you smell good for some reason. But anyways we should get back inside…” 

“Wait Lucas, I know it was you following me in those woods but for the life of me I can't figure out why." Lucas didn’t say a word except he turned to face me again, staring at me. 

“Why were you following me that night Lucas?” I asked. My heart thundered in my chest and I had a funny feeling I wasn't going to like his answer.

Christian materialized next to me in seconds upon hearing my panicked voice, “Madison, what’s wrong?” He asked, worried.

“Madison you have my word, that I am not behind those crimes of innocents. As for the reason I followed you that night Madison because-…” Lucas answered me, his voice hard. 

“No! Don’t you say a word Lucas!” Christian commanded but Lucas finished anyway. 

“Because I wanted to kill you.” He told me simply, his eyes deadly.

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