Always Midnight

Madison Johnson's life changes the moment she lays eyes on Christian Watson. Christian is unlike any boy Madison has ever met in her life, he's a guy with a secret-he's a vampire with a deadly past. When they fall in love, Christian's past soon makes its way into their future together. As his past catches up to him, Madison must decide how much she will sacrifice to be with the man she loves.

Copyright © 2011


9. Class Fights and First Dates (pt 3)


I nearly choked on my strawberry, a million thoughts flew around my head. "Why? What do you mean?"

"I mean that in a good way. I never expected the most popular girl in school to be single, kind, open minded, social and approachable but guarded. On the outside it appears you have the perfect life. A huge house, good grades, beauty, most things that society deems crucial, yet, you don't let that define you. I've seen you talk and help people regardless of who they were. For instance, when you stood up for Karen Goody when Lisa Joneses was making fun of her, you even made sure to walk down the halls with Karen that day. Or when you gave Brent Upson money for his lunch because he forgot his lunch at home, or asked for donations for Children's Miracle Network. You have a good heart."
Christian's observations shocked me, I never knew he had witnessed any of those events. It made me extremely happy to have someone, to have him, see that side of me. 

"I didn't realize you watched me in school, not that I'm complaining about it." I said, grinning. "I guess when I see someone that needs help I don't think about helping, I do help. We all need help, and one day if I need help I'm hoping someone will do the same for me." 

"You are definitely on the short list when it comes to getting into the Gates of Paradise."

"Hopefully. Maybe all this karma will land me a boyfriend, I'm tired of being lonely."
I truly didn't mean to mention that last part but there was no taking it back. It was the cold truth, I was lonely and though I hid it from others I couldn't hide from myself much longer.

"Your innocence is stunning and everything about you is pure, and untouched. Any man lucky to have you would be the luckiest man on this earth, you'll find him." Christian assured, he reached for a lock of my hair and tucked it behind my ear.

For the rest of the conversation we kept the topics light, simply finding out more trivia about each other. Needless to say, I ended up drinking too much champagne, I wasn’t drunk but nor was I completely sober.

“I think you’ve had too much to drink Miss. Johnson.” 

“Mr. Watson why I believe you’re correct, I’m a lightweight. How are you not tipsy right now?” I asked him.

“I must have a higher tolerance than most people.”

“Lucky you…”

“I swear this wasn’t my intention to get you drunk. I bought the champagne so we could toast once but you threw ’em back like a college sorority girl. I should get you home.” Christian joked, grinning. I instantly felt embarrassed. 

I tried to get up from the blanket but stumbled. Christian caught me in his arms before I could face plant on the ground. He lifted me into his arms, I clasped my arms around his neck, closing my eyes as I rested my head against his chest. Strangely, I didn’t hear a heartbeat though his chest moved, I guess my heart was the only one beating wild. Never breaking a sweat, Christian carried me back to the car, placing me in the reclined passenger seat. I didn’t pass out, instead I stared at him the whole ride home, regretting my decision to drink. 

“This isn’t the night you thought it would be? I honestly am sorry for drinking so much.”

“It's okay. You might have a nasty hangover.” He warned, laughing.

“I swear I'm not an alcoholic.” I slurred. 

“Whose going to take care of you tonight?"

“I can take care of myself, I’m used to it.” I said, jutting out my jaw.

“It’s okay to need someone, you don’t have to do everything alone.” Christian whispered.

“Yes I do, you have no idea.” I argued.

Christian looked at me, not bothering to say anything further on that particular issue. After a moment I broke the silence,

“Want to know something screwed up?" Christian nodded, I continued, "I love my friends, but I hate the whole popularity thing. I wish things weren’t based on looks or who you date. Take Angelica and Julian. Julian is obsessed with people looking good, and since the minute they started dating, I’ve never seen Angelica in sweats or without makeup. I have them for when things get tough but I’m scared that if I really revealed who I am, they wouldn’t like me. How pathetic is that? I’m a different person with them, I’m the strong loner girl. Dean is the charismatic jock, Angelica is the princess cheerleader, Julian is the rich jock. Lillian is the smart one, Katie is the quiet one, Justin is the mellow one, and Jensen is the nice guy. It’s like we all have a role to play when we’re around each other. But with you, I can be me and that’s alright.” To reveal this opened a tidal wave of liberation.

“You’re not pathetic, far from it. Sometimes we pretend to be things we aren’t in order to fit in. Everyone wants to be accepted and we pretend because that’s the only way to survive. It's not always the wisest choice but sometimes it's necessary. I admire you for your honesty with me but give yourself credit, and be honest with yourself. You might find up liking what you see.”

I digested his words and found that there was truth in them, it was the advice I needed to hear. Christian pulled into my driveway, opening his door then walking over to mine. He undid my seat belt and helped me out of the car into his arms. I placed my hands around his neck trying to steady myself. He hesitated as I stood in front of him, my lips parted and more than anything I wanted to close the gap between us. Christian's hands tightened around my waist, and I could see the conflict in his eyes. I bit my lip trying to fight every instinct to lean in for a kiss. Christian's shifted that way only one of his arms was around my waist, and started to help me to my front door. I sighed, slightly disappointed. 

“Will you be okay by yourself tonight?” Christian asked me troubled.

“Yes. I need to sleep it off tonight. I had fun tonight, too much fun I guess.”

“It happens, I had fun too. We should hangout again on Monday or something after school. I loved your company.” Christian suggested.

“I loved you too. I mean the company-I loved your company too. See you later.” I corrected myself.

“Okay. Goodnight.” Christian reluctantly left. I got up to lock the door behind him then kicked off my high heels and headed to my bedroom. I stripped off my clothes, changed into my night clothes, then passed out on my bed. A smile stayed on my lips as I thought about the night with Christian.
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