Always Midnight

Madison Johnson's life changes the moment she lays eyes on Christian Watson. Christian is unlike any boy Madison has ever met in her life, he's a guy with a secret-he's a vampire with a deadly past. When they fall in love, Christian's past soon makes its way into their future together. As his past catches up to him, Madison must decide how much she will sacrifice to be with the man she loves.

Copyright © 2011


48. As Long As We Both Shall Live


My scream echoed off the cottage walls and I made a run for the back door. I didn’t make it two feet before Viktor grabbed me by the back of my hair while his other large hand gripped around my throat. He tossed me to the wooden floors with such velocity I crashed into the wall that was halfway behind me and banged my head. Sharp pain shot through my body from my head all the way down to my toes. Dark spots formed in my vision and I thought for sure I was going to pass out. I blinked hard trying to clear the dark spots and to keep conscious. The lump was already forming before he stormed in front of me picking me up once more by my hair, I could feel strands of my hair being yanked from my scalp. Before I could catch my breathe he slammed me back against the wall. A stinging sharp pain shot through me once more as if someone stuck a hot pin in my head, I howled in pain.

“Let her go for a moment Viktor or she’ll pass out from the pain. What fun would torture be if she isn’t awake for it?” A familiar musical voice singsonged from the door opening.

I turned my eyes to Katherine who sauntered in the cottage as if she owned it herself. She wore an amused expression upon her perfect face enjoying the show. Viktor let go of me as I staggered against the wall trying to regain my balance, and thought processes. 

“What have you done to his family you cold hearted bitch?!” I yelled at her furious. 

Katherine’s eyes widened in surprise, I never got to hear an answer because Viktor stepped forward and smacked me hard against the face. My lip busted open as the metallic salty taste of blood filled my mouth, I swallowed it, afraid it would excite them. One side of my face slammed hard into the wall I was certain I’d left a dent. My jaw felt as if it been unhinged. Lights and stars swam in front of me as my legs gave weigh under me and I collapsed to the ground. 

“Watch your tone you fifthly human brat. Next time I hit you, I will use all my strength and snap your neck into two!” Viktor snarled at me baring his own long set of fangs. 

“Enough I said!” Katherine commanded, her stance becoming rigid. Viktor put his hands in the air, cautiously and walked away from me and stood behind Katherine.

“He’s right human, watch your mouth or else you’ll have to deal with my wrath.” Katherine warned me coolly. “Christian is preoccupied now at his family’s house, you see I had to get him out of the way so I could get to you. I’m still upholding my end of the bargain you see, I told Christian I’d come for him in three days but I never kept that promise for you. I had Lawrence and others attack his family, I knew he’d rush to their side to help with the fight especially if he thought I’d be there. Once again he's underestimated my skills, did he really believe that I wouldn't have been able to penetrate the shield. Before I'd never been able to break down a Hoodoo shield but drinking human blood makes you stronger, something he knows nothing about. By now his family of blood traitors should be dead along with his dog, only Christian has real purpose for me.” Though I already knew this information I couldn’t help it when my heart shattered in a million pieces and I prayed that his family was all okay.

The sight of Elizabeth on the floor made me want to cry, I sent a silent prayer her way. I struggled to regain control of my breathing and to stand on my feet. The air felt stale and a calmness washed over my skin. This moment must only come when a person who is faced with certain death realizes they’re going to die. I sent an ’I love you’ to everyone I cared about. Many moments I have been afraid at the fact I was going to die but I didn’t because Christian somehow managed to save me. But he couldn’t save me now, it was up to me to fight for my life or go down in a blaze of glory. Either way I was on my own. 

“You’re a miserable beast Katherine, and stupid as well. You’re a monster that’s why he left you so many years ago. You may be beautiful on the outside but on the inside you’re nothing but a monster.” I told her calm. Katherine’s smile faded from her lips, my words having an affect on her. 

“You have no idea what you’re talking about, he still loves me. Do you think he could be in love with a human girl? You are nothing but a frail liability to him someone who he could never hold tight, or make love to. Because he hasn’t has he? Made love to you? I didn’t think so. He could never show you himself completely because you couldn’t handle it. To see him uninhibited and free, you‘d run away thinking you were crazy. You couldn’t travel with him or be involved completely in his world. Eventually, Christian will tire of trying to fit into your pathetic world, pretending to be human to please you. All you are, little girl, is a distraction something that keeps him busy, and by those bite marks-nothing more than a blood lust whore.” Katherine’s eyes blazed with rage. 

I swallowed hard, not from fear but from the cold hard truth of her words. She was right, I couldn’t fully handle everything about Christian especially not what I’d just seen. Christian could never truly fit in my world but neither could I fit in his. I couldn’t keep up with his family, or even bloody protect myself. I was nothing more but a hindrance, I caused nothing but problems in his life. Distance between him and Emilia, constant stress over worrying about me and trying to fit in my life. 

Christian would always be an outsider in my world and I would be an outsider in his world. We would never be true equals. I wanted to bawl right then and there but fought the urge not wanting to give Katherine the satisfaction. 

“Is that your brilliant plan Katherine? Kill me to get him to yourself? It won’t work he loves me despite what you think. As for you going after the Council you’re going to get yourself killed, they’ll have your head for treason if Christian doesn’t cut it off first.” I argued trying to buy myself time.

“Ha! Don’t talk to me about the Council. Been reading up on our culture have you? You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about little girl except for the little books that come nowhere to the truth. Now I can see why he bothers with you…you’re feisty and cute yes…but you’re unreadable. I can’t hear your thoughts, you must be some sort of challenge to him. He will forget about you soon enough when he’s with me, and returned to his former glory.”

“You can’t make him kill innocents anymore Katherine he’s too strong now!” I screamed at her, my anger getting the best of me. I mustered some strength and stood up on my feet facing her. 

Katherine laughed manically enjoying my reaction to her words. 
“Oh, yes I can and I will. Christian will feed off of humans. I will lock him up in a basement until the thirst becomes unbearable. After he's driven mad without blood I'll give him a snack-starting off with your mother.” 

My blood began to boil. How dare she bring my mother into this? My fingers started to tingle as if electricity ran through them, as Katherine continued, 
“Your whore mother will be there to quench that thirst and I will continue until each person you care about and love is dead by the hands of your vampire lover.” Katherine laughed delighted, her laughter pissed me off.

Numbness radiated through my fingertips and up to my arms until I could feel nothing except pulsating blood and the jolt of electricity. My initial reasoning for the current of electricity passing through me was that it must’ve been from the pain. However, the sensation felt familiar to me as if I’d felt them before, ruling out my pain theory because never in my life had I experienced that type of physical pain. Katherine stopped laughing abruptly, and stared at me as if she never noticed me before. 

Viktor backed away from me slowly not sure of what to do, an unbelieving expression on his face. I didn’t have time to think what was happening to me or why they were surprised by me. The electricity continued to build inside of me until I let it out. My hand flicked towards Viktor and next thing I knew the television set flew across the room, Viktor stepped out of its path, and the television hit the stairs smashing into glass and plastic. My eyes widened in fear, we all stood frozen unsure of what we’d all just witnessed. Then hell broke lose. Katherine had her dainty hands around my throat in mere milliseconds choking me, hoisting me up against the wall. 

“What do we have here? A witch in training huh? What Coven are you from? Who is your leader?! Tell me now!” She screeched in my face.

Adrenaline poured through me, I laughed in Katherine’s face like a madwoman. She applied more pressure to my throat any minute she’d crush it but I didn’t care, all I could feel was the anger inside of me. 
“I have no clue what you’re talking about. NOW LET ME GO!!” I roared in anger, electricity crackled underneath my fingertips. Katherine’s grip on my throat loosened as an invisible force pushed her back a few feet away from me, my eyes widened in surprise at the scene before me. It was almost as if Katherine was walking against a strong hurricane wind force, she struggled against until she broke through with her hands and once again entangled them around my throat. 

“I’m too powerful for you witch. You hid it well that’s why no one can read your thoughts. This is what Nathanial was afraid off. Oh, yes they’ll kill you now, they will not tolerate it! Bad enough their daughter is with a dog and now their son with a witch. Either way Madison, you lose Christian and you lose your life. Christian will kill you himself he hates witches.” Katherine spat out joyfully and vindictive.

The anger I held onto seeped through me, confusion took over...what the hell had happened? How could I be a witch? Witch? Me? I don’t think so, this wasn’t ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’, this was real life. If I’d been a witch surely I would’ve known by now, the books talked about witches. In order for the child to be magical they had to have both magical parents. However, if a witch/warlock married a human then the child still wouldn’t exhibit any magical qualities. If my mother and father had been magical, I would’ve known by now. I’m not sure what I did just then but it was nothing magical. Had I developed telekinesis or developed something from Christian‘s blood donating sessions? That was more plausible than me suddenly being a witch. Katherine surely was mistaken. Whatever telekinetic or electric power I had had left me and I struggled for air, Katherine never loosened her grip instead she continued to rant on.

“This is unbelievable! A witch's power in my veins and Christian returned to his former glory, I will prepare the others. My plan will succeed. Once I find your Coven, I will kill them all and will gain more power to-” She never finished her words because a loud shattering crash interrupted her.  
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