Always Midnight

Madison Johnson's life changes the moment she lays eyes on Christian Watson. Christian is unlike any boy Madison has ever met in her life, he's a guy with a secret-he's a vampire with a deadly past. When they fall in love, Christian's past soon makes its way into their future together. As his past catches up to him, Madison must decide how much she will sacrifice to be with the man she loves.

Copyright © 2011


51. As Long As We Both Shall Live (pt 4)


"That's not what I meant okay? And it hurts to know that killing makes you happy, I saw your face when you killed Katherine. I thought I was the only thing that could ever make you that happy but it's like there's another person inside you. The universe has some plan that doesn't involve us together in this life." I muttered.

The words hurt him and me both. A moment of silence hung in the air, as I waited. Waited for Christian to tell me I was wrong in my accusations. I waited for him to reassure me, to bring me back into a world that felt safe. A world where none of tonight's events had happened, a world made up of only him and me.

Instead he said, "You're right. Our relationship was a mistake and I'm sorry I don't want to pretend anymore with you." 

The words were like a million tiny barbs that pierced my heart simultaneously but I forced the pain into the back of my throat and held my head high. 

“Goodbye Christian.” I replied. 

I didn’t go home that night, instead I drove to the house of the one friend I knew would be there for me despite the fact it was close to three thirty in the morning. I pulled into the driveway and walked to the front door waiting for the door to open, I couldn’t ring the doorbell because I didn’t want to wake up everyone else.

“Oh, Madison.” A soft sympathetic voice whispered in the cool night. 

“Lilly.” I said softly my voice cracking. She stepped outside and wrapped me in a hug as I shed silent tears onto her shoulder. She held me before whisking me inside her house. In my darkest times in life, it was nice to know there were some rays of light left to chase the darkness away.  
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