Always Midnight

Madison Johnson's life changes the moment she lays eyes on Christian Watson. Christian is unlike any boy Madison has ever met in her life, he's a guy with a secret-he's a vampire with a deadly past. When they fall in love, Christian's past soon makes its way into their future together. As his past catches up to him, Madison must decide how much she will sacrifice to be with the man she loves.

Copyright © 2011


50. As Long As We Both Shall Live (pt 3)


I headed out of the door into the cold night, limping slowly but happy that I survived the wrath of Katherine. I opened my car door and drove away from the cottage, away from the grisly sight of death. My head hurt not only from the lump on my head but from the million thoughts in my head, one of those thoughts being about my new found telekinetic ability. Katherine’s words danced around in my head, especially when she talked about me being a witch. A part of me wasn’t sure what to believe, it would have to be something that I had to try and figure out on my own.

One thing for certain was that witch or telekinetic powers- I wouldn’t tell Christian or his family. Even if I highly doubted what Katherine said to me I knew that one thing was certain- I would have to keep this information to myself. If I told Christian about my concerns, only more problems would come from this. The nights events proved too much as my life would never go back to how it used to be, I’d knew too much. I'd seen too much, and I'd change into someone I didn't know. 

Having an internal GPS system, donating blood and now seeing life through Christian's eyes was overwhelming. Before I met Christian I was a normal girl, with normal problems such as worrying about grades and school. Now I'd changed into something I don't even know how to classify. I was normal before I met him and now I was far from being an ordinary girl anymore, I felt as if I'd lost my childhood and innocence. I couldn’t blame him for my actions but I allowed everything to spiral out of control. Throwing myself into dangerous situations and having him be the center of my life made me realize that I’d endangered my mother and friends all because of our relationship. My eyes blurred as tears fell down my face, I gripped the steering wheel and bit my lip trying to hold it all in. I drove until I arrived at my destination. I pulled into the driveway and walked up the front porch, this was my last stop before I went home. Before I could knock on the door lightly, Emilia opened it. Her hair was a tangled mess but otherwise looked fine, I was envious of her healing capabilities. She'd had survived a brawl with only tangled hair, while I looked like I'd just fallen off a cliff. Sometimes life was so unfair. 

“What are you doing here?” She asked quietly. 

“I need to see Elizabeth, is she okay?” I asked my voice cracking. Emilia’s eyes softened. 

“Come in.” She told me opening the door wider, letting me inside. 

The house furniture was thrown all over the place and a couple of them were broken in half. It was almost as if a hurricane whipped through the house, causing mass destruction. I followed Emilia into the living room where Elizabeth laid on the couch, Nathanial sat by her side rubbing her forehead. Upon smelling my scent he stood up, 

“Madison! You’re okay!” He rushed towards me and hugged me tight. I hugged him back and smiled lightly at him.

“Yeah, thanks to Christian and Lucas. I had to see if Elizabeth was okay, to make sure you were all okay.” I told him, letting him go to peer over him at Elizabeth, who was sitting up now smiling. 

“That’s very kind of you. We’re all okay it’s been a while since we’ve been in physical combat but we did fine. Starting to realize our reflexes are a bit slower due to older age but we did good.” Nathanial told me. 

“I’m glad to hear that you’re all fine.” I told him, sighing full of relief, I went by Elizabeth and without saying a word I hugged her. 

She gasped in surprised but hugged me back as only a mother knew how. I couldn’t help myself from crying onto her shoulder, “I thought…well I thought you were really hurt. I’m happy to know your okay, besides who else is going to show me how to make amazing food?” I joked through my tears, Elizabeth chuckled lightly in my hair. 

“No need to worry about us. It’s you we were worried about we were on our way to Christian's cottage but we got the message that you were safe and was driving home. In fact, Christian and Lucas went to your house to make sure that the area is clean of any other vampires in town. They should be back here any moment.” Elizabeth told me. 

“Actually, I should get going anyway its been a long night.” I said. 

“Sweetheart, you are more than welcome to stay here for the night.” Elizabeth offered.

“I think I need a few days alone you know? It’s not everyday a girl sees decapitations and gets attacked by vengeful ex-girlfriends.” I told, smiling half heartily. Elizabeth looked at me, seeing through my excuse. She simply nodded knowingly. “I’ll see you all in a few, bye.” I turned away, almost out of the living room when Emilia spoke up. 

“It was kind of you to stop by. We’re all glad you’re okay, Madison.” It wasn’t a peace treaty but it was Emilia’s small step for accepting me. 

I looked back at her giving a small nod, a mutual understanding passed between us. We’d never be best friends but at least now we would be cordial to each other. I was at the front door when it swung open and in came Lucas with Christian. They’d both showered and were in new clothes. 

“Madison-” Christian said. 

“I only came by to check on your family to make sure they were okay, Katherine had boasted of her plan to attack them and said Elizabeth was hurt. I wanted to make sure…” I started saying rushing to explain myself.

“No, I understand. That’s nice of you. Are you okay?” He asked me quietly. Lucas sensing we needed alone, walked past us leaving us alone. I exhaled loudly. 

“No, I’m not okay. Sorry, I have to go.” I said, my voice breaking. I rushed past him and out the door, walking briskly to my car. Before I could open the door Christian was there.

“What can I do to make this better?” He asked me, his voice in pain. 

“Nothing. I have to deal with this alone.” I whispered, a single tear falling down my face.

“Why?” He asked.

“This…tonight was too much. In some ways, some of Katherine’s observations were right about me, and you. I can’t ignore that. Nor can I ignore the fact…nothing forget it. I have to think.” I muttered lamely. 

“Right about what? I don’t understand.” He pleaded with me desperate to understand. 

“You hesitated!” I blurted out. 

“What? Madi-” 

“You hesitated when she said you guys should get back together.” I interrupted. 


“Yes, you did. She was right you know? I can’t fit into your world and you can’t fit into mine. It’s all pretending in the end and neither of us should have to do that. I’m not sure I can handle it all either and that’s not fair to you. For you to hide who you are because I can’t handle it. A part of you wants that life, a life without restrictions and pretending. I’m not sure I fit into that life. I don't even know who I am anymore, between having this unnatural new-found way of knowing where you are all the time. Or having these weird dreams that I've realized have somehow been coming true.” I told him, letting the floodgates open on how a part of me had been feeling. 

Christian stared at me, "What do you mean weird dreams that come true? Are you having visions?" 

Something in the way he said the word visions, as if I was some sort of freak shook me to my core. He said the word visions as almost as if it were impossible to happen, as if it was unnatural as well. And if he thought it was unnatural then I sure wasn't going to elaborate.  

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