Always Midnight

Madison Johnson's life changes the moment she lays eyes on Christian Watson. Christian is unlike any boy Madison has ever met in her life, he's a guy with a secret-he's a vampire with a deadly past. When they fall in love, Christian's past soon makes its way into their future together. As his past catches up to him, Madison must decide how much she will sacrifice to be with the man she loves.

Copyright © 2011


49. As Long As We Both Shall Live (pt 2)


Christian broke through the glass window as a shadow of a huge wolf stood on it’s hind legs in the door frame. Viktor turned towards the beast which I recognized as Lucas, baring his fangs. Simultaneously, they both jumped in the air towards each other jaws snapping and baring fangs. 

Viktor never stood a chance. 

Lucas, in one huge bite fit Viktor’s head between his jaw and decapitated him. Blood erupted high onto the ceiling above and Viktor’s headless body continued to stand. It was apparent the body had not yet received the message the brain was gone. After a moment the body collapsed on the floor in a pool of crimson blood. Blood dripped from Lucas’s mouth as he howled loudly and turned his attention to Katherine. Seeing the gory scene and aftermath, I threw up chunks of vomit on Katherine, who in a flash had let go of me, attempting to escape the same fate. 

But Christian was too quick for her, he grabbed her by the hands swinging her around until she was on the floor looking up at him. Katherine tried to get up but Christian kicked her back down. I sank down onto the floor leaning my head against the wall afraid to move myself. Lucas stood guard, his wolf body arched and prepared as if waiting for others to come to Katherine’s aid. Katherine glared at Christian.

“What are you going to do? Kill me?” Katherine asked mockingly, her eyes showing no fear. 

“Yes, I am.” Christian told her, his voice hard and cold. 

“Go ahead, I am not afraid. It doesn’t matter my love, I’ll be seeing you in Hell anyway. Eventually, you’re going to be doing my work for me anyway, killing your family and going after the Council.” Katherine told him. 

“Never.” Christian said fiercely.

“All secrets have a way of coming out.” Katherine teased, her gaze falling onto me. I stopped breathing at that moment, afraid Katherine would tell Christian I was a witch. Even though I didn't believe I was a witch, if Christian believed her then that would spell trouble for me. 

Instead, Katherine gazed at me once more before she continued, “You enjoyed murdering again didn’t you? I know you did, look at you so powerful and in control. Admit it sweetheart you're turned on now by the sight of me on the floor…on my knees at your mercy. Do you want me to beg for my life…I’m sure that’d get you really going.” 

Christian tensed at her words, making me wonder if any of those allegations held any truth to them.

“The Council needs to be taken down, they aren’t what they seem to be. Ask them what really became of good ole Sally Watson!” Katherine spat out. 

My eyes popped out of my head, and Christian's body sagged as if the wind came out of him, the new revelation stunning him to his core.

“What are you talking about Katherine?” He demanded. 

“Sally…she’s not dead. She’s one of us and she’s out there.” Katherine said. 

“Liar!” Christian bellowed, “Impossible my parents-” He sputtered.

“Your parents lied to you! She was alive but to your parents she was dead.” Katherine screeched.

“No! No! This is a weak attempt for you to live! All these years Kat and nothing?! Not a damn word, you were with me for years and knew the pain…the regret I felt for not being able to have saved my sister! You never said a word!” Christian yelled at her. 

“I didn’t find out until you left me! I tried to come after you but you masked your scents, I couldn’t follow you. If you were to let me live we could go to the Council together and take over. Go to the Willow Tree, and you'll see that I'm telling the truth Christian, when you see the evidence you'll agree with me. We can do this, take over the Council and find out the answers to our questions! Take the world back from these humans lowlifes and be together!” Katherine’s tough façade cracked and there was genuine pain in her silver eyes.

Eyes that showed how much after all of these years she’d wanted Christian, a woman who was scorned. A woman who was in love with a man who didn’t love her back. At least, that what I told myself, because I saw the hesitation in Christian’s eyes as he thought over her words. That hesitation was more painful than the bruises forming on my head or the soreness of my throat. 

“You’re a liar!! No, Katherine, you can’t live. You will never stop. You won’t simply go away you’ll come back and try to kill everyone I love. Worse is that you want to live in a world filled with carnage, humans are the dominant species Katherine. We aren’t. We are living in their world now.” Christian said. 

Katherine didn’t get a chance to open her mouth before Christian was on top of her. He bit her hard in her neck, Katherine didn’t go down without a fight. She struggled against Christian clawing and biting him as well but she was no match for him. Christian bit and chewed on Katherine’s neck until it was half off. Katherine’s body went limp and Christian, with a simple effortless twist, twisted off her head with his hands. I threw up at the grisly sight. I couldn’t stop, no matter what I tried I couldn’t stop throwing up. Christian rushed to my side, panicked. 

“Madison are you okay?” He asked. 

He tried to pull me up once I stopped heaving but I pushed away his hands. I felt the wetness on his shirt and knew it was the Katherine's blood on my hands. After seeing Christian biting and pulling out arteries along with ripping heads off, I didn’t want him to touch me with his bloodied hands. Lucas moved along side Christian trying to help me up, now that he was back in human form. I waved him away too, I struggled to stand up, my legs were shaky but stable. Christian stared at me wanting to take me in his arms and hold me, I knew him seeing me bruised and battered pained him. I wanted to run into those arms, and tell him what happened with Katherine. But I didn’t, instead I looked at Christian and walked away.

“Madison-” Christian began.

“Let her go.” I heard Lucas whisper, “She needs time.”  

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