Always Midnight

Madison Johnson's life changes the moment she lays eyes on Christian Watson. Christian is unlike any boy Madison has ever met in her life, he's a guy with a secret-he's a vampire with a deadly past. When they fall in love, Christian's past soon makes its way into their future together. As his past catches up to him, Madison must decide how much she will sacrifice to be with the man she loves.

Copyright © 2011


52. Always and Forever


Over the next couple of months, life slowly returned to somewhat normal. The town of Maple Falls fell back into peace and tranquility, since the murders stopped. The police were still boggled and continued to investigate the cases. Though they would never be able to give closure to the families of the innocent victims, I knew their souls would be in peace. Despite the chaos that had transpired, they had their justice. I returned back to my old life in some ways- I reconciled with my mother after I spent time with Lillian’s family, who were gracious and allowed me to stay with them. 

Lillian and I became closer friends than ever before, though I felt guilty not being able to tell her the whole truth of what had happened to me. The fact I couldn’t tell her everything made Lillian make her own assumptions, which basically blamed Christian. She thought he’d beaten me that night, which I vehemently denied. It took me three hours to convince her that he didn’t and for one of those hours I had to convince her to put the phone down from calling the cops on Christian. 

I told her half of the truth about how Christian's ex girlfriend came into town and we’d gotten into a physical altercation. Though Lilly scolded me for fighting over a boy with another girl she commended me on my fighting skills. She also promised to keep the information confidential from anyone else, including my mother. The day when I returned home I was shocked to see moving boxes strewn around the house, I’d forgotten on how I was going to solve the problem of me staying in Maple Falls, but turned out I didn’t need too. After endless tears and “I’m sorry” from the both of us, my mother confessed.

“Honey, we’re not moving. James and Jared are moving in here! At first, James and I decided that we would wait until you both went off the college and how it wasn’t fair for either of you to move.” My mother explained. “But Jared said that he didn’t mind moving in here, and that the thought of moving bothered you more than him. And if he could do something to make his soon to be stepsister happy then he’d do it. They won’t be completely moved in until summertime that way Jared can finish his junior year. Now you make sure to be nice to him and show him how much you appreciate his act of kindness. Especially when he starts school in the fall with you.” 

My mother obviously was taken by Jared but I on the other hand, didn’t like him at all but I had no say in this anymore. At least, I wouldn’t be moving but then again Jared would be living in my house. I couldn’t worry about that issue right now, I had a couple of months to make sure that Jared and James stay in my house wasn’t a long one. School started back up, which helped to provide me with distractions in the form of the many homework assignments assigned to me. Upon the first day back at school I happened to see Christian and he walked past me as if he didn’t know me. It broke my heart to see him and pretend as if he still wasn’t the most important thing in my life. Broke my heart to pretend I didn’t love him.

Everyone in the school had already figured out that we weren’t together anymore and needless to say almost every girl in the school had their sights set on Christian. Emilia and Lucas would occasionally greet me as long as they weren’t with Christian, which made me happy. My friendships with Dean and Jocelyn were still was in the gutters but honestly I didn’t care anymore. I knew who my true friends were and that was all that mattered. I became attached to Lillian, becoming the third wheel with her and Jensen, who didn’t mind the extra company. By keeping myself distracted I didn’t dare think much about what had happened a few months ago with Katherine. 

After weeks of researching and experimenting I found that my telekinesis didn’t work anymore, I tried to concentrate on an item to move but nothing happened. I can’t explain that night fully because I don’t even know how or why I was able to do it. My ability to find Christian is still intact though, I used it to track him a few times after we broke up. I stopped using it because I had the sneaking suspicion that he could sense me. The rest of the school year began to blaze by and before I realized it, junior prom was here. I decided I wouldn’t attend but Lillian was having none of it. She dragged me with her to go prom dress shopping until we found the perfect dresses.

When prom night arrived, I didn’t have a date. I decided would attend the prom with Jensen, Lillian, Justin and his girlfriend Olivia Barton who was kind and sweet. We all decided to take pictures at Lillian’s house in her garden with all our parents attending. I was in high spirits, grateful for Lilly to change my mind and though I loved being around my friends a part of me did feel left out. After our parents had finished snapping a million pictures of us we were able to take our leave. The prom was being hosted at a hall called La Bella Renaissance in the town of Huntingburg. Huntingburg was a smaller town than Maple Falls but was considered ritzy, it was comprised of elderly retired people. Despite, the overcrowded parking lot we were able to find a spot and make it inside before they closed the doors. 

It was a huge beautiful space with tall windows and a beautiful chandelier that must’ve cost more than some of our houses hanging in the center of the room. People stared at us admiring our dresses which pleased me because I’d never felt more prettier in my life. In the end, I’d chosen a satin crimson blood colored red dress that was a bit short but went well with my pale skin. I wore my hair down in cascading ringlet’s and wore minimum makeup opting for a natural look. Lillian wore a light lavender dress that highlighted her skin and showcased her amazing legs. She had matching eye makeup with silver shoes, no doubt Jensen would be by her side all night fending off the many boys who looked her way. 

Not to be outdone by me and Lillian, Olivia went for a stunning turquoise blue dress that went well with her red hair. Jensen and Justin looked equally as stunning as us girls in their tuxedos. I saw Dean, Angelica, Jocelyn, Julian, Katie and another boy I didn’t know all sitting at their table laughing and talking. My heart ached because I always imagined us all being together at our first prom, it's weird how a few months can change everything. 

“Hey Lilly, there’s something I have to do give me a second I’ll be back.” 

She simply nodded somehow already figuring out what I was planning to do as she turned her head towards Dean’s table. I took a breath and made my way to where Dean and Jocelyn were sitting. Angelica noticed me coming and smiled at me softly, “Madison, hi.” She said politely. 

“Hi. Look I came over to say Angelica, Katie you guys look amazing.” I said truly meaning my words because in honestly they looked like a million bucks. Katie blushed and smiled warmly at me.
“You too Madison, and Lillian.” Katie told me, a bit of pain in her voice. 

I know it hurt her as well to be separated from me and Lillian. She stood up, even under Dean’s watchful eye, and hugged me tightly. Angelica joined in on the hug, “We miss you, we have to hangout some time.” She said a bit loudly, obviously not for my benefit but for Dean’s and anyone else who didn’t like it. I hugged them both back hard. 

“Yes, we do, and thanks girls. I’ll see you around. Bye.” I said letting them go. 

“Okay, bye.” They both said in unison. 

On my way back to my table I heard a collective gasp among the crowd of students I turned my head in the direction everyone was looking at. Emilia appeared at the entrance with Lucas and my goodness she put every girl to shame with her beauty. She was the most beautiful girl there with a dark ocean blue dress that revealed a bit more cleavage I’m sure the school would allowed. Her hair was also down, and cascaded like soft waves down her back, and stood out against her milky white skin. 

Lucas smiled cockily knowing he had the most prettiest girl in the room but he looked at Emilia as if it was the first time he’d ever seen her. He loved her so much and she loved him it was obvious to the whole body of juniors there. They didn’t bother to sit down at a table instead they headed straight to the dance floor, slow dancing to the slow soft music that was playing. Everyone watched them glide effortlessly across the dance floor for a while until others joined them. 

With nearly all the couples on the dance floor, including my friends, I sat at the table alone, wondering if I would go bowling with my friends afterwards or go home. I sighed, looking down at my shoes. 

“Excuse me. Would you like to dance?” A voice asked me. I stared up and into the face of Matthew Harrison, a boy who was in my biology class. 

He smiled brightly at me, his blue eyes hopeful. Matthew was quiet but really smart. I always thought he was attractive with his blue eyes and sandy blond hair but for some reason I’d never made any moves or anything. I thought about saying no but changed my mind, it was only a dance after all. 

“Sure.” I placed my hand in his as he led me to the dance floor. Lillian winked at me as she danced with Jensen. I clasped my arms on Matthew’s shoulders as he placed his own hands lightly on my hips, we swayed to the music smiling at each other. 

“You look pretty Madison.” He said kindly. I opened my mouth to mutter a "thank you" when another voice interrupted. 

“No Matthew, there are no words to describe her beauty. May I cut in?” Christian’s musical voice made me stop dead in my tracks, Matthew sensing my reaction let go of me, not sure if he should agree to it or not.

I turned to stare at Christian's face and it was as a tidal wave was pressing against me. His chocolate eyes pierced mine. He wore a classic black tuxedo with a white undershirt and a red tie. A red tie that matched the exact color of my dress, my heart beat sped up. Though Christian asked if he could cut in, his eyes suggested that Matthew had no choice but to go away.

“Sure man no problem.” Matthew said, though his tone implied it was a problem. He walked away, leaving me standing with Christian. 

Tears prickled at the corners of my eyes, even after all these months my love for Christian never faded an inch. In fact my love for Christian grew, and to be away from him yet so close broke me into pieces. Christian placed his hands on my hips drawing me in closer to him, I wrapped my arms around his neck breathing in his familiar scent. I closed my eyes, savoring the moment, I sensed people’s eyes on us but I didn’t care. The whole world disappeared and there was no one but him and me. We danced softly clinging on to the moment, savoring the closeness of each other. 

The last musical chord ended on the song but I didn’t want the dance to end. Christian held me for a moment before putting some space between us, though not letting go of my hand. I opened my mouth to ask what was going on between us, and to tell him how much I missed him. 

“Do you want to get out of here?” He asked me gently. I nodded my head, brushing away the tears that managed to break through. 

Christian walked with me back to my table to gather my clutch where Lillian sat there, not looking entirely pleased to see us together.   
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