Yes, I Like The Way You Smile (Niall Horan Fanfic)

Harmony Taylor is told she has to go to London, England to meet with a modeling agency, after her mom sends in her pictures to them. What will happen the 3 weeks she's staying in London with her best friend? What will happen when she bumps into a certain famous boy band?? And what will happen when her parents want her to come home??? Harmony has a decision to make: Stay in London with the modeling job and stay near her new friends, or go back home to her boring life?


3. The Encounter


"Flight 309 to London, England is now boarding," I heard the lady over the speaker announce.  I looked over at my best friend.

"Ready?" I said, smiling.

"God, yes!" She said, shooting me a big smile back.

We picked up our luggage beside us, and headed towards the terminal.  Walking down the aisle, I was engulfed into my own thoughts.  We were finally going to London! 

After getting past the fact that I was unwanted at home by my mother, I was excited to go to London for 3 weeks with Ellabelle.  We had so much planned!  I was pulled out of my thoughts by El tapping me on the shoulder.

"Tay, do you want the window seat?"

"Oh, yeah sure,"  I said, sliding past El and into the window seat.

We both sat there, making small conversation about London, when we heard the pilot tell us over the speaker to put on our seat belts and turn off our phones.  Next thing I knew, we were air born.

Once the plane had taken off, Ella anounced that she had to go to the bathroom and walked away, going in and shutting the door.  All of the sudden, there was a commotion from the back of the plane.  


Oh my god.  Niall?  As in, Niall Horan?  From One Direction?  No.  It couldn't be.  I refused to believe it.  I stared straight ahead,  trying to push the thoughts out of my mind.

Suddenly, I felt an arm brush against mine.  Thinking that Ella was back, I turned starting to tell her about what I just heard.

"Ella! I heard so-"  I stopped midsentence.  I was staring into the beautiful blue eyes of none other than Niall Horan himself.  Not happening.  How could this happen to a normal girl like me?

He smiled at me, making my heart stutter.  He had a coffee cup in his hand and he looked slightly out of breath.  He opened his mouth, starting to say something, when none other than Louis Tomlinson comes up and tries to grab the coffee from Niall.  Niall leans away, trying to dodge him, and the coffee he's holding knocks out of his hand and spills all down the front of my designer shirt.

I gasped as the scalding hot drink slides down my shirt.  I stand up, shreaking, running past him, and run to the bathroom, passing Ella on the way.  "Tay! What happened?" I hear as I run in and shut the door.  I ignore her knocking on the door and strip my shirt off, taking a wet paper towel, and dabbing it on the front, trying to get the stain out.  Once it's almost invisible, I hold my shirt under the hand dryer with one hand, and with the other, I grab a paper towel and wipe the remaining coffee off my chest.

A good 10 minutes later, I walked out of the bathroom with my semi-dry shirt on and went to go to my seat.  I saw Niall sitting in my window seat.  I know I'm a directioner and everything but I was pretty pissed at him and Louis for spilling the drink down my shirt.  It was probably one of the nicest ones I owned! 

I stared down at him and clear my throat. "Ahem.  Will you please move?"

He looked up, startled. "Oh my god!  I'm so sorry!  Louis is such a douche," he said looking at me with pleading eyes.

I narrowed my eyes at him.  He seemed to be truly sorry.  I sighed and said, "It's cool, don't worry about it.  Uhm, where is Louis?  Oh and where's El?"

"He went back to tell the guys and her what happened.  He's pretty upset about making me spill my drink on a pretty girl like you."  He winked at me after he said that.

I blushed looking down.  "Ha ha.  So can I have my seat back?"

He laughed, moving over to Ella's seat.  I raised an eyebrow at him.  "Where are you gonna go when El comes back?" 

He shrugged, "I don't know if she'll be coming back any time soon, when I looked back there, she seemed to be getting pretty close with Harry."

I was starting to get confused.  Wasn't she still with Austin?  I should probably talk to her later.  Now that I think about it, she seemed to be pretty distant and not as bubbly as she usually is.  Huh.

"Oh.  Well in that case, we still have 9 hours ahead of I'm Harmony. "

"Niall," he said holding out his hand, which I shook, "but of course you probably already know that, right?"

I scoffed at his comment.  "Maybe.  You're in that band...oh what's it called...oh!  One Direction, am I right?"  I decided to play it cool and not fangirl in his face, as much as I wanted to.

"The one and only!"

"Oh well that's cool.  I've heard a lot of your songs, pretty good, if I do say so myself," I said smiling.

He looked overjoyed with my answer.  "Hey Harmony, do you mind if I take your number?  So we can keep in touch when we reach London?"

My stomach felt full of butterflies as I processed what he said.  "Sure," I said, handing him my phone.  He gave me his in return and we swapped numbers.  We both smiled, handing each other our phones back.

We decided to play 20 questions, which turned into 120 questions, until we both fell asleep.  

What felt like 10 minutes later, I heard whispering coming from above my head.

"Should we wake them up?"

"No!  Look how cute they are!"

"But guys!  We need to get off the plane!"  I think that was Liam.  Of course.  Aww Daddy Direction.

I slowly opened my eyes to see four boys and my best friend standing above me.  I slowly realized where I was and felt an arm wrap tighter around my waist.  Lifting my head, I looked at the blonde Irish boy beside me, his head leaning back and his arm around my waist, fast aleep.

Putting my hand on his arm, I started to try to shake him awake.  Around the third try, he began to open his eyes.  God he was cute when he was sleepy.

"H-Harmony?"  Oh god.  Sexy morning voice.  No!  Stop it Harmony.  You can't fall for this boy for real.  Hey, but what's wrong with thinking his voice is attractive when he's sleepy?  Nothing, because it's true.

He shifted to his side, wrapping his arm tighter around me and snuggling his head into my neck.  I was enjoying this position a little too much.  I looked up to the boys to ask for help.  They just shook their heads, laughing and walked away.  Thanks boys.

I pried my arm out of Niall's grip and repeatedly poked his face until finally, he pulled his arm back and sat up.  He looked around, seeming confused.

"Hey sleepy," I said, giggling at how cute he was.

He groaned and put his arm around me, obviously still half asleep.  I stood up, tugging on his arm.  He finally gave in and fully opened his eyes, standing up as well.  We grabbed our carry-on's from our compartments and walked down the aisle and stepped off the airplane.  We saw the boys and El waiting for us, surrounded by security.  So far there were no fans, but that wouldn't last long.  I figured it was time to say goodbye.  At least for now.

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