Yes, I Like The Way You Smile (Niall Horan Fanfic)

Harmony Taylor is told she has to go to London, England to meet with a modeling agency, after her mom sends in her pictures to them. What will happen the 3 weeks she's staying in London with her best friend? What will happen when she bumps into a certain famous boy band?? And what will happen when her parents want her to come home??? Harmony has a decision to make: Stay in London with the modeling job and stay near her new friends, or go back home to her boring life?


1. Modeling? Eh


"Harmony! Get down here!"

I groaned, rolling over to look at my clock.  6:00 am.  It was Saturday for crying out loud!  Couldn't I have some peace and quiet?

"Harmony Taylor! Now!"

Guess not.  I slowly sat up, my soft blonde curly hair cascading over my shoulder and down my back.  My hair was one of the things I loved about myself, along with my hazel colored eyes.  I was pretty average for a 18 year old girl in high school just about to graduate.  Most people tell me I need to get into the modeling business but I've never really given it a second thought, though I probably should. 

I got out of bed and walked past my many posters of One Direction, over to my bathroom. I brushed my hair and teeth, before going downstairs in my One Direction onsie. Call me obsessed, but whatever.  I was just dedicated.  My mom was sat at our kitchen table, reading her morning newspaper, while my dad was currently making coffee.  Normally, you would think it would be the opposite way, but no. My mom was very high maintenance and required that she be waited on like she was royalty.

"Good morning sweetheart," my mom said, smiling up at me.  I sat down, after grabbing a cold slice of pizza out of the fridge. Healthy right?

"Morning. Why'd you wake me up so early, I was perfectly happy where I was," I stated grudgingly.  I was not a morning person.

"I have some great news Harmony!" she said.

I slowly stopped chewing on my pizza.  What could be so great she had to wake me up at 6:00 am?

"You know that modeling agency in London, oh what's it called... Oh! Yes, Models 1. That's it. Well I sent in some pictures of you the other day and they just responded saying how much they want to meet with you! Isn't that great?"

I sat there, emotionless.  London?  As in, London, ENGLAND?  No.  I was not leaving Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States, to go to model in London.  No way.

"Honey? Did you hear what I said?" My mom had started to shake my arm, trying to get me to pull out of my thoughts.

"Yes I heard what you said. And I'm not going," I stated.  Didn't this woman know me?  I didn't even like travelling a half hour away to go to the small grocery store right outside of D.C. by myself.

"Harmony, why not?  This is such a good opportunity for you.  You're beautiful, tall, and graceful.  You're exactly what they're looking for."  I started to open my mouth to protest but my mom got up, slamming her newspaper on the table.  She started to walk away, before turning in the doorway to look at me.

"You're going to London to meet with them whether you like it or not young lady.  End of discussion."  Abandoning me and her newspaper at the table, she sauntered away through the front door to go to work.  I had only just realized that my dad had sat next to me, and had been quietly sipping his coffee throughout our conversation.  Glancing over at him from the corner of my eye, I hesitantly asked, "She won't be swayed will she?"

He looked at me sadly.  "I'm afraid not baby girl."

I slowly got up, trashing what was left of my pizza slice, and dragging myself upstairs.  Once I was at the top, and almost to my bedroom, I heard my father call out, "If it makes you feel any better, you can bring Ellabelle with you and you girls can stay for a few weeks to see how you'll like it if you accept the position."

Ellabelle Sanders has been my best friend since pre-school. We've been through so much together, and in most cases, I refer to her as my sister.

"Really?! Yes!! I love you daddy!" I screamed.  I threw myself into my room, rushing over to my cellphone on the bedside table, and speed dialing Ellabelle.

I was lost in my thoughts about London, a lot more excited then before, when I heard my best friend pick up.

"This is Ella."

"Hey El! Its Harmony.  What do you say to a trip to London?!"

All I heard was screaming on the other end.


I let out a low chuckle.  She had gotten accustomed to calling me Tay, from my last name.  And right now, she sounded like she was wetting herself.  "Ella, be quiet!  Yes I am perfectly serious!  So is that a yes?" 

Contradicting the screaming before, now all I heard was silence.  "El?  Are you still there?"

"Oh I'm sorry, I thought that was a sarcastic question, OH COURSE I WANT TO GO TO FREAKING LONDON, ENGLAND WITH YOU."

I cringed as her piercing voice screamed through the phone, making my ear ring.

"Okay, okay!  I'll head over in about 45 minutes so we can talk more about it, yeah?"  I waited for her to answer. "Yeah, sounds good.  See ya then." I heard the 'click' signaling the call had ended.

I hung up the phone, heading towards my closet to pick an outfit out for the day.  Opening the door to my huge walk-in closet, I walked in, glancing at the hundreds of outfits I could choose from.  I settled for a black tee that had the One Direction logo on it and some red skinny jeans, with my black high-tops.  I walked out, shutting the door behind me and walked into my bathroom to get ready.

After I had brushed my teeth, again, and straightened my naturally curly hair,  I slipped off my onsie and pulled on my chosen outfit.  I pulled open my make-up drawer revealing all my make-up.  So much to pick from!

I settled with a light coat of foundation and applied a small amount of black eyeliner, before picking up my mascara and brushing the end over my lashes.  I stood back to evaluate myself in the mirror, before strutting out into my bedroom, grabbing my purse, and heading downstairs.  My dad was sitting in the living room watching television, so I leaned in swiftly and kissed his cheek.

"I'll be back in a bit, I'm heading to Ella's," I said as I walked over to the door, grabbing my jeep keys off of the hook next to the front door.

I shut the front door behind me, without waiting for his responce.  I walked down the sidewalk and got into my jeep, starting it up.  As I drove the 5 minutes it took to get to El's house, I thought about London.  Would the people hate me?  Would they think I'm weird?  When I arrived at Ella's house, I was just opening the car door when all of the sudden, Ella bounded up to me pulling me out, almost tripping me in the process.

"AHHHHH WE'RE GOING TO LONDON! AHHH! You know who's there RIGHT NOW don't you?!" she screamed in my face.

"WELL I DON'T LIVE UNDER A ROCK.  I know, I know, One Direction!" I said.

We both squealed at the sound of our favorite bands name.  We were hardcore directioners.

I smiled at my best friend.  Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.

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