Yes, I Like The Way You Smile (Niall Horan Fanfic)

Harmony Taylor is told she has to go to London, England to meet with a modeling agency, after her mom sends in her pictures to them. What will happen the 3 weeks she's staying in London with her best friend? What will happen when she bumps into a certain famous boy band?? And what will happen when her parents want her to come home??? Harmony has a decision to make: Stay in London with the modeling job and stay near her new friends, or go back home to her boring life?


7. Meeting The Boys

I stood there speechless as I thought of what Harry had said. ' don't think Austin came back, do you?' The first thought that went through my head was that that would be impossible, considering we're in London and he was still in Washington, D.C., but the more I thought about it, it could be possible. I'd seen Austin mad before and he was a very vindictive person. He was definitely capable of getting a passport and flying here to get back at Ella for breaking up with him. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and dialed the police station. They answered on the second ring. "This is The City of London Police, how may I help you?" "This is Harmony Taylor" I said. They already knew who I was. "Oh hello Ms Taylor. How can I help you today?" "I just wanted to let you guys know about a possible suspect. Ella had just had broken up with her boyfriend before we came to London and I know it sounds unrealistic, but I just wanted fill you guys in so you might have a possible suspect." "Thanks Harmony. We'll look into it and let you know what we find out," he said. "Thanks. See ya," I said, hanging up. I looked around at the boys. They were all staring at me like they were expecting me to break down. I'll admit, I was pretty surprised that I hadn't yet. But I had to keep strong. They were going to find Ella. They had to. I was getting tired of the silence, so I walked over to the couch, sitting down and turning on the TV. I felt Niall join me and pretty soon, we were all fighting over which movie to watch. I think Niall could tell I was still kind of out of it. He wrapped his hand around mine and whispered in my ear. "Do you wanna go upstairs?" I simply nodded and stood up with him. He told the boys we were going to talk and he led me upstairs and to an extra bedroom. There was a balcony attached to it and I tugged his hand, signalling I wanted to go sit out there. We walked onto the balcony and he closed the door behind us. Niall sat down in one of the chairs and I went to sit on the other one but instead, I felt Niall grab my waist and pull me onto his lap. I felt myself blush as he rested his chin on my shoulder. It felt right, like we were meant to be like this. "Harmony...?" "Yes Niall?" "Can I kiss you right now?" I swear my heart stopped right there. Niall Horan wanted to kiss me? A normal girl? Am I on some prank show? I shifted so I could face him and look into his blue eyes, which I felt like I could get lost in. I bit my lip and nodded my head. The next thing I knew, we were leaning in. Our lips were just brushing together when the balcony doors slammed open. I stood up quickly to see Louis staring at us. His mouth opened and closed at least five times before he finally spoke. "Uhm...I was going to ask if you guys were coming back to watch Titanic with us but I can see you're busy." He smirked as he said this, and walked out. I saw Niall stand up out of the corner of my eye and come to my side. He put his hand on my arm and turned me so I was facing him. I didn't have time to think before he pressed his soft lips against mine. Fireworks went off. I'm not even kidding, fireworks lit up the sky, as well as in my stomach. It felt so perfect having his lips against mine. I kissed back and out lips moved perfectly in sync. We both smiled into the kiss and pulled away after a few seconds. Niall leaned his forehead against mine and we gazed into each others eyes. "Harmony...I'm not going to ask you to be my girlfriend yet because I want you to have Ellabelle back and be happy with everything...but just know that I'll wait for you. There's no one else Harmony. I knew the first time I layed eyes on you that I was falling for you already." I blushed and smiled as I heard those words leave his mouth. Nobody had ever cared so much about me. Every guy I went on dates with always tried to move too fast and get me in bed with them after our dates. And here was Niall, who said he didn't want to ask me to be his girlfriend yet because he was worried about me and wanted me to be completely happy first. Everything I had read about him being pure and just plain amazing, were true. "Niall...thank you so much for being here for me. Nobody else has ever been here for me except for Ellabelle, who isn't even here right now...Niall I'm scared. What if they don't find her? Or what if they find her dead?" My voice cracked on the last word and Niall just pulled me into his famous Horan Hug and held me as I let all of my tears out. "Shh...shh Harmony it's okay. They'll find her. I believe that with one hundred percent of my heart," he said. He sounded so sure that he was right and I chose in that instant to believe they would find her and stop being so negative. "You're right...I'm sorry. My attitude probably isn't helping everyone," I said. Niall decided to change the subject and said, "You know what? You still haven't officially met the other boys. Come on." He took my hand, leading me downstairs. All of the boys were sat on the sofa, cuddled into each other. Aww Larry Stylinson. It really bothered me how some people shipped them as a gay couple instead of a bromance. I mean, come on! Louis has a girlfriend! Honestly, I had always been kind of jealous of her too...I mean Eleanor Calder was my definition of perfection. Harry was cuddled into Louis as the Titanic ship started to slowly sink. He looked like he was crying. Louis had his arm around Harry. Liam was texting someone, probably Danielle, his current girlfriend. They were so cute together! I looked over and saw Zayn checking his reflection in his pocket mirror...I laughed so hard at that. I mean, really Zayn? We were inside and the only people here were us six. They all looked up as I laughed and I saw Zayn put away his mirror, seeming embarrased. "Oh hey guys, took you long enough," Louis said, winking at us. "Ha ha. Very funny. Anyway lads, don't we have some proper introductions to do?" Niall asked. Liam was the first to stand up, sliding his phone in his pocket and holding out his hand for me to shake. I chuckled and pulled him into a hug instead. I've always been more of a huggy person. Liam laughed and hugged back, and then stepped away so I could hug Zayn. I made sure my hand 'accidentally' took a swipe at his hair and he pulled away with a look of horror on his face. With a huge grin on my face, I turned to Louis and Harry who hadn't bothered to move off of the couch. Running over to them, I sat down on their laps, making them scoot over so I could sit in between them. "Hey! We were cuddling," Louis said pouting. Aww. "Oops," I said smirking. Payback for earlier! Niall walked up and grabbed my hand, pulling me up from the couch. "Well now that we all know Harmony, I'm taking her out to Nando's." With that sentence, he pulled me to the front door and we put on our shoes to go out and just try to forget about everything right now. Life would get better. It had to. ------------------------------- A/N: Hey guys! Thanks so so so much for reading and commenting. It means so much to me, like you have no idea! I didn't know people would enjoy my story this much :P Hope you guys like this chapter :) Might post in a few hours, not sure yet but if i don't, ill definitely post tomorrow! :) BTW DANIELLE AND LIAM ARE STILL TOGETHER IN MY BOOK BECAUSE I CANT ACCEPT THAT FACT THAT PAYZER IS OVER :( so yeah & btw follow me on twitter ----- @electricwesley (:
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