Yes, I Like The Way You Smile (Niall Horan Fanfic)

Harmony Taylor is told she has to go to London, England to meet with a modeling agency, after her mom sends in her pictures to them. What will happen the 3 weeks she's staying in London with her best friend? What will happen when she bumps into a certain famous boy band?? And what will happen when her parents want her to come home??? Harmony has a decision to make: Stay in London with the modeling job and stay near her new friends, or go back home to her boring life?


12. Friends


"El...El you need to calm down," I whispered to her, trying to calm down my best friend.  She had been out cold for about 2 minutes when she stirred, demanding to know every detail of his accident.

"How can I be calm when Harry's in the hospital?!  We need to go see him, NOW," she said, already halfway to the car.

I sighed and followed her.  She had been in the flat for all of 5 minutes and we were already rushing off somewhere else.  But at least it was to see Harry, who knows, maybe she'll help him wake up.

On the drive to the hospital, we were both silent.  Occasionally, I heard El sniffle, and it almost brought me to tears.  But I had to be strong for her; she's been through so much.  Ten minutes later, we were pulling into the hospital parking lot.  El climed out of the car, slamming her door and running into the hospital, as I struggled to keep up with her.

"I'm here for Harry Styles."

"I'm sorry ma'am, we don't have a Harry Styles here..." the nurse replied.

I stepped up to the nurse and said, "She's with me."

The nurse recognized me and immediately let us through to see him.  I let El in his room to be alone for a few minutes and I went out to call Niall.

After 3 rings, he answer the phone.

"Hey babe, how are you?"

"I'm fine, I'm at the hospital with El...I wasn't planning on telling her about Harry so soon but I couldn't exactly keep it from her when she asked where he was.  Where are you boys anyways?"

"Photoshoot.  Really boring actually, I just wanna come see you and El."

"I'll text you when we're on our way home, k?"

"Alright love, talk to you later."

"See ya babe."

Right when I hung up the phone with Niall, my phone started ringing.

*Incoming Call: Modeling Agency*

Oh no.  I had completely forgotten.  I hesitated as my finger hovered over the 'accept' button.  After a second I firmly pressed it before I could change my mind.


"Hello Ms. Taylor.  This is Mark Peterson from Model 1."

"Ah yes, Mr. Peterson."

"We are pleased to tell you that you have been accepted for the job of our next top model."

My head was pounding.  Did I really want this?  I mean, sure I sort of had fun strutting up and down the runway when they interviewed me...but did I want to be the object of mens ogling all over the world? I had seen so many models pressured into doing stuff they didn't want to do, and it ruined them.  They become anorexic from not eating enough.  Umm, hello?!  I eat more than 4 men put together!

"Oh...that's, umm, great.  Thank so much.  I'm at the hospital with my friend so I'll have to call back later, sorry."

I knew it was rude to hang up on probably my new boss or whatever he was, but I wasn't sure I wanted this.  Everything in my heart was telling me not to do it.  But where would I go if I didn't take it?  I loved London and I did not want to go back to live with my family, as bad as that may sound.  I needed a friend to listen.  Not talk, listen.

I slowly walked back inside to Harry's room and asked El to give us some privacy.  When she saw my face, she silently agreed, walking out.  I went over to sit next to Harry's bed and held his hand.


A/N: Guys im so so so sorry its been so long since ive updated. I have A LOT of family stuff going on right now so im not sure when ill have time to upload next. please forgive me and i hope you enjoy this chapter xx 

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