Life With My Boys

Follow Dani as she embarks on the journey that is life. Starting on her 18th birthday we see the trials and tribulations that are involved with growing old and growing up


48. 65


Dani looks around the room, and it feels empty with just her and Lauren. They tried having a girls night out, but realized that they would rather stay in if it was just going to be the two of them. She was still so sad that Eleanor had passed. She was young at it wasn’t fair.

“Do you know how Louis doing?” Lauren asks.

“Niall, says he’s getting through. Kacey and Grace are over there constantly now. Always checking up on him.”

“What about Harry?”

“He’s the only one who can convince him to get out of the house.” Dani could not imagine losing Niall, and it was hard to see the people she love lose those they loved most.

“I hate these get togethers,” she finally says.


“Because, they remind me of who used to be here and now isn’t and it just makes me miss them more.”

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