Life With My Boys

Follow Dani as she embarks on the journey that is life. Starting on her 18th birthday we see the trials and tribulations that are involved with growing old and growing up


36. 53


“Niall! Let’s Go!” Dani yells.

“Coming!” He rushes down the stairs and together they walk next door to Harry’s house. When Eleanor was just finishing up treatment, they all decided they needed to spend more time with each other. The boy’s solution? They all bought a place that was no more than two houses away from each other.

“Hey!” Dani greets Eleanor, when she sees her and Louis walking down the street.

“Hey neighbour!”

“Just like old times, eh Niall.” Louis says, talking about when they all used to live on the same floor.

“Just like old times.”

“Nice hair,” Dani says, ruffling Eleanor short do. She reaches up to touch it herself.

“Thanks,” she smiles. She was stronger now, in remission for five months.


“Make a wish!” they all say when they present her with her cake. Dani bends down and blows out the candles, wishing Eleanor’s cancer wouldn’t come back.

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