Life With My Boys

Follow Dani as she embarks on the journey that is life. Starting on her 18th birthday we see the trials and tribulations that are involved with growing old and growing up


16. 33


“Girls night out!” Emma declares.

The girls leave the boys behind with the kids. The boys, all together at Louis house, look like scared little puppies being left alone with the infants.

“Be safe.” Niall gives her a quick kiss, struggling to hold on to Sammy. He’s 3 years old now and as feisty as ever. The girls say their farewells and are almost out the door.

“Hey, Dani!”  She turns around a walks back into the house. “Here,” Louis says handing her the box. “Happy Birthday.” The boys serenade her with their rendition of Happy Birthday that she knows so well. She smiles, their voices were as strong as ever. Zayn gives her a knowing look; something big was going to happen to him, she just knew it.

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