Life With My Boys

Follow Dani as she embarks on the journey that is life. Starting on her 18th birthday we see the trials and tribulations that are involved with growing old and growing up


12. 29


“I don’t wanna get out of bed.” she says rolling over.

“Come on babe, it’s your birthday, everyone wants to see you.” Niall stands up and gets into the shower leaving her to lie there and admire the ring. It had been four months since he’d proposed and she still couldn’t believe it. Everything felt like a dream. “Babe, what are you doing?” he asks getting out of the bathroom. She hides her finger feeling guilty about getting caught.

“Nothing,” she says quickly.

“Still can’t believe it?” he asks leaning over giving her a kiss.

“Pinch me,” she says smiling. Once dressed, they drive together to the airport.

“Be safe,” she says giving him one final kiss. It was the boys’ final tour as One Direction. Her, Eleanor, Danielle and Lauren stand there and watch the boys walk through the terminal. Liams hands wrap around Danielle’s stomach, whispering gently to the little baby growing inside of her. Danielle had this glow; the room would be brighter with her around and Liam looked like the happiest man alive. Louis unwilling to give little Kacey back to her mother lags behind along with him.

“See you later princess,” he coos. “You’ll see me soon.” he kisses her forehead and runs up to join the guys. “Oh wait!” he yells and runs back to them.

“Happy Birthday Dani!” he says giving her one last hug and hands her the little box.

“Those boys.” Lauren laughs.

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