Life With My Boys

Follow Dani as she embarks on the journey that is life. Starting on her 18th birthday we see the trials and tribulations that are involved with growing old and growing up


11. 28


She sits remembering how different her birthday was the year before.

“What are you thinking about babe?” Niall asks.

“Nothing,” she replies. She doesn’t want to bring it up, the little aberration in their relationship. Things are good now. It’s her birthday and she’s supposed to be happy.

“Happy Birthday to you..” Niall sings. She leans back in the chair savoring this moment. She had spent the day with the girls, shopping and a birthday lunch. Now tonight, was about her and Niall. Zayn had stopped by to give her, her gift. The only one she ever wanted each year. The little charm shone from the light of the lamp. Niall was breaking her concentration his lips on her neck. She laughed as she melted into his kisses. It was a great birthday.

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