You've got that one thing - A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction

It felt like a dream being with louis, i was the luckiest girl ever, until my ex comes back and tries to ruin everything. I have to get away from him, he's changed and not in a good way, i dont want him to hurt louis.

Spencer has just become the girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson, who is in one of the biggest boybands ever! But what she doesnt know is that her ex is back in town, until she meets him at a theme park, and he will stop at nothing to try and have her, but Spencer doesnt have feelings for him anymore, which makes him angry....

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2. unexpected surprise.


Louis's point of view

Man was this girl making me fall for her hard! I love everything about her.We were heading inside the haunted house (lol lame names I know but I can't think of anything better) so I take hold of Spencers hand just incase she gets scared,she looks up at me and gives me a heart warming smile, I smile back. When we come out of the house I accidentally bump into someone "sorry"I say, then I hear Spencer say"wait, is that you Christian"? "Spence?" "yeah! I havn't seen you in ages! Where have you been? Oh yeah,Christian this is Louis my boyfriend" "I've been around" then he turns to me "sup bro, I'm Christian and you're.... Lewis is it?" ok I swear he did that on purpose "it's Louis" I say pretending not to notice. "well nice meeting you Lewis,it was nice seeing you again Spence, i've missed you but I have to go" yup he did that on purpose I thought. Whats he doing now and why is he whispering in my girlfriend ear "well see you" and he walked off. "are you ok" Spencer asks me and I realize I had my teeth clenched. "yeah I'm fine babe, let's go find Harry and Kelly" I reply smiling.

Spencers point of view

Well that was weird I thought. We found Harry and Kelly then went for lunch and after that they dropped us back at our house. "i'l call you tonight k Spence"says Louis as he leans down to kiss me, but this kiss is different from the others it's like I can feel his emotions and Louis seems worried. When we pull apart I reply"okay, Louis...." I say trailing off. "what is it, are you ok?" he asks. "no I'm fine it's just you seem like your upset or something,did I do something wrong"Louis looks at me puzzled but takes my face in his hands looking me right in the eyes "babe nothing you could ever do would make me upset" and he tilts my face to his and kisses me so softly I bearly feel it. "I have to go now, talk to you later" he whispers in my ear. I watch him walk away then I go inside. 


I'm now sitting in bed waiting for Louis to call, I can hear some kind of weird ticking noise coming from the window.I peak out my curtains, what the hell!, why is Christian throwing rocks at my window.I open my window "come outside I have to tell you something" well thats a tad weird I thought "ok i'l be down in a minute". I chucked on my jacket and shoes then went opened the door and Christian charged and me then grabbed my face and tried to kiss me but I quickly pushed him off "what the he'll are you doing Christian I have have a boyfriend!" I yell at him, he just smirks. "I'm so much better than him besides i thought we were still together!" he replies. "no we are not!, you left town and didn't come back so I thought that meant we were over, and we are over" I say firmly.  

"well I still have feelings for you and I know you have feelings for me"he says back. "no I don't have feelings for you , not anymore, Christian I think that you should leave" he just stands there. "now!" I say and he gets the message and walks out the door, I shut it behind me and sink to the floor staring into nothing. I hope my parents didn't hear all that I thought. I head back to my room and can hear my phone ringing , it's Louis. "hello?"I answer. "hey Spence, is everything alright?" I decided I won't tell Louis just yet i'l wait till I next see him so I can tell him in person "yeah everything is fine"I say. "good, I was wondering If you'd want to go to the beach tomorrow with me,the boys and their girlfriends?" "yeah! Sounds like fun,what time are we leaving?" 

"i'l pick you up at 11, I can't wait to see you, but I should let you sleep, so goodnight and sweet dreams babe" Louis replies slightly whispering. "night Lou, you too!" and we hang up.  


Please comment and let me know what you think , this is my first go at fanfic and I would love you guys opinions :) thanks for reading and sorry if my writing is not very good! 

Sorry this chater is quite short

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