You've got that one thing - A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction

It felt like a dream being with louis, i was the luckiest girl ever, until my ex comes back and tries to ruin everything. I have to get away from him, he's changed and not in a good way, i dont want him to hurt louis.

Spencer has just become the girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson, who is in one of the biggest boybands ever! But what she doesnt know is that her ex is back in town, until she meets him at a theme park, and he will stop at nothing to try and have her, but Spencer doesnt have feelings for him anymore, which makes him angry....

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1. The Concert.


I couldn't believe it, Kelly and I were finally going to meet one direction the five most gorgeous and talented boys in the world. We had gotten there first and had been standing there listening to music waiting for the time to go by before we could take our places in the arena. Out of nowhere there was a rush of screaming and I knew that the boys were coming. "oh my gosh it's them" says kelly. "I know! " I say. I can just see them , but suddenly the world is tumbling from under me and I find myself on the ground.

Someone is saying something to me but I can't quite hear them, I look up and see Louis standing infront of me, hand extended as he says "are you Alright? Here let me help you up"he is now staring me in the eyes. "thanks" I say as I take his hand and he helps me up and force myself to look away. Harry is just coming into he view, at first I think he's walking towards me but he walks right past me up to Kelly and says "can I just say you are the most beautiful person I have ever met" Kelly blushes.
I stop focussing on them once I realize that Louis is speaking to me. "what is your name?" "Spencer, but you can call me Spence"I say. "well it's lovely to meet such a beautiful person!" I blush. "would you like to come backstage with us? " my heartbeat quickens as I look up to meet his gaze. "sure but only if Kelly can come I don't want to leave her by herself"I reply. "of course she can I'm sure Harry wouldn't mind that at all" Louis answers and chuckles to himself. "thanks" I reply. "hey Kelly, want to go backstage with the boys?" I whisper to her. "are you serious? Of course I would" she replies and We follow the boys backstage into a room set for them and I see Harry whisper to Kelly and she giggles and whispers something back.

 Then Harry walks out of the room as Kelly comes up to me and says" Harry wants to show me something so I'm going to go with him, you'll be alright here right?" "ofcourse I will"I say.' "ok if your sure, have fun" she says. "I will, you too!" I say smiling at her as she turns around to leave. "Spencer, come sit next to me"says Louis as he pats the spot next to him. "okay " i say as I make my way to the seat. But Liam makes it there before me. "Liam!" exclaims Louis, "I wanted Spencer to sit here not you bro" and he pushes him off the couch. "you didn't have to push me off man" says Liam in an annoyed voice. I just stand there not really sure what to do, then Louis says" Spence can I show you something"? "okay" I say smiling.

He takes my hand and I can feel myself start to blush and he says "you know your really cute when you blush" which makes me blush even more. "you know when I saw you fall down-" "oh my gosh that's so embarrassing please don't bring that up" I interrupted. "no I'm trying to say that I'm glad you did, because if you didn't I wouldn't have met you!" "oh, um,your glad you met me, really?"I ask unsure. "of course I am"Louis replies. "I'm glad I met you too". We are now heading towards a set of stairs. "up here is what I want to show you" he squeezes my hand, "ladies first"he says. I start making my way up the stairs almost tripping in the process but Louis catches me. "I've got you "he says looking me right into my eyes. "thanks"I reply hastily and make my way up the rest if the steps which leads to the roof. I hadn't realized how dark it had gotten, and the stars were already alight in the sky. "this is beautiful" I say gazing up at the stars."not as beautiful as you" he replies staring at me anxiously, I start blushing not sure where to look. All of a sudden Louis pulls me toward him and pulls a strand of hair out from my face and I'm forced to look him in the eyes. Louis leans down and gives me the most sweetest kiss and I don't want it to end but I had to go find Kelly because the concert was going to start very soon. I pull away gently and say in a quiet voice " I should probably find Kelly, walk me?" I ask. "of course" he smiles at me then takes my hand. "this was nice" I tell him. "yeah!, incase I don't see you after the show here is my number, we have to keep in touch, promise?"Louis asks as he hands me a piece of paper. "of course" I say as we reach Kelly who seems to have hit it off with Harry. I clear my throat "are you ready to take our seats Kelly?" I ask as she and Harry spring apart surprised. Louis chuckles. "um, yeah I guess"she says and gives Harry a kiss. "ring me"Harry tells Kelly. "I will"Kelly says and exits the room. We find our seats, just as the boys come out onstage, I could tell Louis was looking for me cause when his eyes met mine he gave me the most biggest smile and then I knew what just happened wasn't a dream.




Kelly and I left the concert excitedly talking about what had happened backstage. "tell me everything"I say ........"you go first" she says."fine..." I give in. "Louis was amazing he took me to the rooftop to look at the stars, and he kissed me!!! It was nice" I say Smiling like an idiot. "he's so sweet and adorable and funny!". I finish. "aw cute! ... Okay so Harry was very charming-" before she can say anything else I say giggling "I bet he is". "anywayyy..." she says glaring at me. "we walked around and talked then we kissed and I have to tell you he is a great kisser". "not as great as Louis I bet" I reply. Then we burst out laughing and the phone rings, we both look at eachother then race to the phone but Kelly gets there first. "hello?" she asks. "oh heyy... Yeah we got home all right..... Yeah that sounds like fun let me just get Spence..." "vas happenin?" I ask jokingly but curiously. "here talk to Louis"she says handing me the phone. I take it from her and say "hello?" "heyy it's Louis" "oh heyy I was just thinking about you", "you were" he says chuckling. "don't laugh I bet you were thinking about me otherwise you wouldn't have called me"I say giggling. "of course I was think about you, your the only thing that's been on my mind tonight"he replies. "aw!"I say. "so what was it you were ringing me for"I ask.
"well Harry and i were wondering if you and Kelly would like to come to our place and hang tomorrow, we can send a car for you?" says Louis. "okay, sounds like fun" i say smiling. "the car will be there at about 11:00am, I can't wait to see you" he answers. "I can't wait to see you either" I say then hang up the phone excited. "a car's comin to pick us up tomorrow at eleven to take us to the boys place" I say. "really? Who's going to be there?" Kelly asks. " "just Louis and Harry" I say smiling.




.the next day.


The car arrives at their place and we hop out bursting with excitment. I knock on the door, harry answers "come in" he says smiling at Kelly as he takes her hand and leads her into the house. I follow them in but I can't see Louis anywhere then out of nowhere there are hands covering my eyes from behind "Louis is that you"I ask" maybe"he replies as he turns me to face him and leans down and kisses me lightly on my lips. "hey" I say. "hey, Harry and I were thinking we can all watch a movie" he says smiling. "we're watching Bambi" calls Harry and I can hear Kelly laughing from the other room. "come on let's go into the lounge" Louis says and leads me behind him holding my hands. Harry has already put the disc in and Kelly and him are getting cozy on the couch ;) I sit next Louis and he pulls me towards him so that I'm leaning on him with my head on his chest. "you know that Harry only likes this movie because it will make you sad then he can make you feel better" Louis says to Kelly. "I don't mind"says Kelly.




By the end of the movie Kelly and Harry had left to go somewhere else,' most probably to make-out. "are you sad" louis asks me. "of course not, I'm happy" I tell him. "good I don't want you to be sad"he says and I can tell that he means it.


A few hours later...


We all make plans to go to a theme park the next day since they have the day off, then it's time for Kelly and I to leave. I see Harry kiss kelly so sweetly it's so cute and I'm really happy that they are hitting it off. Louis takes me by the hand and leads me away from them so they can't hear what he's about to say" I really like you Spence, and your so beautiful that you make me weak at my knees, I don't know if you would want to but would you like to be my girlfriend I know I havn't known you for very long but I can't get you out of my system!?"Louis says nervously. "only if you be my boyfriend " I reply and he smiles then gives me a hug then kisses my cheek"I will see you tomorrow" he says staring into my eyes. "bye" I say and he winks.




In the morning I dress in shorts and nice top with my hair down. Kelly and I are ready too early so we go to a cafe for breakfast. "so you seem to be hitting it off with Harry" I say to her. "yeah" she says smiling. "he's lovely and I think he's going to ask me to be his girlfriend" Kelly says excitedly. "really? That's awesome"I say "oh yeah guess what Louis asked me to be his girlfriend!!!" I say smiling. "yay!... Wait what did you say?"she replies. "I said yes of course" "we should probably go and meet them now" I say "yeah,let's go"she replies.




We are supposed to meet them outside the gates. We get there first or so we think. Someone hugs me from behind and I get a fright but it's only Louis and I lean into him. "hey beautiful"he says and I blush. "heyy you scared me a bit" "did you think I wasn't going to show"he asks chuckling. "no!" I say a little bit too loudly. "I would never stand you up" he says seriously. "good"I reply. "could we go in now"asks Harry who has Kelly in a bear hug. "yup, let's go" says Louis, he slips his arm around my waist and we walk into the theme park. We all know that Harry doesn't like roller coasters but he doesn't say anything as we move towards scary doo falls (lol couldn't think of a name hehe). As we approach one of the roller coaster seats Louis calls "bags the back seats" and he jumps in and pats the seat next to him for me. "don't worry i'l protect you from the things that jump out at you"Louis whispers to me, then pulls me close. "I think Harrys already scared" I say. "no I'm not!"Harry replies defensively. "only joking" I reply. "are you scared Kelly?" I ask. "no I have Harry to protect me"she replys and Harry holds her closer. Then the ride starts fast and neither Harry or I expect and we both scream. Louis chuckles and hugs me tighter. At one point during the ride something came right in my face and I screamed but I dont think that it was quite as loud as Harry. I'm pretty sure that Louis was enjoying


My being in his arms. Finally the ride finished and Louis got out first and offered me a hand. I took it and once out of the ride I could instantly feel the shaking of my legs and I think that Louis noticed to but he didn't say anything he just pulled me towards him and let me lean on him. I think that Harry was still scared tho, but I think he was trying to be tough to impress Kelly. Next we went on the free fall ride, and after that we got on another ride called the haunted house, Louis and I went first as we could tell Harry was scared, tho he would never admit it.


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