You've got that one thing - A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction

It felt like a dream being with louis, i was the luckiest girl ever, until my ex comes back and tries to ruin everything. I have to get away from him, he's changed and not in a good way, i dont want him to hurt louis.

Spencer has just become the girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson, who is in one of the biggest boybands ever! But what she doesnt know is that her ex is back in town, until she meets him at a theme park, and he will stop at nothing to try and have her, but Spencer doesnt have feelings for him anymore, which makes him angry....

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4. stole my heart <3


Spencers pov  

(now at Louis and Harrys place, Spencer and Louis are on the couch)

"so, why did you want to stay the night? Are you scared of being without me?" Louis asks chuckling. "no it's not firstly my parents are away on holiday they left this-morning and theres something I need to tell you" I reply seriously and cuddle up to Lou, he looks at me with a worried expression "what is it?" He kisses my nose. "well you know Christian..." I begin. "did he hurt you?" Louis asks,"no but well we used to go out and he is kind of obsessed with me, last night he showed up at my house,at first I thought he just wanted to say something but as soon as I opened the Door he tried to kiss me but I pushed him away and yelled at him, and he keeps sending me text messages about how her needs me back and he's going to have me back and that your not good for me. And to be honest he is starting to scare me and he said that he's coming to my house tonight" Louis listened to everything I said and once I was done he just held me tight and told me everything is going to be alright and that he would protect me. We stayed holding eachother for a very long time then Louis said "so I guess I get to see you in your pajamas"he had a cheeky grin on and I couldn't help giggling. "I guess you will"I say and I get up and walk to the bathroom."where are you going?" louis calls out. "to put on my pj's , you should put yours on too!" I call back as I close the bathroom door.

Louis pov 

I can't believe Spencer went out with Christian, oh well I'm more worried that he is going to try hurt her, I don't want anything to happen to her! I have to do something about this. I chuck on some pj pants and don't bother about a top then I go back to the couch and there is Spence sitting there in really short pajama shorts and a singlet. Damn she was looking hot! I put my hands on either side of her on the couch and put my face leaning right against hers. "you are so adorable I could just..." and I kiss her.

Spencers pov

Louis and I are now lying on the couch together kissing. He's not wearing a top and oh it's making me melt! I get shock from his hands trailing up and down my spine but it feels nice. Louis kisses me deeper and I tangle my fingers through his hair. Louis slowly starts edging his fingers up my tummy and i start to get nervous but I don't say anything, he leaves his hands on my ribs not wanting to do anything unless he knew I was comfortable with it. "we should stop" Louis says as he kisses my neck slowly, I tilt my head up and he makes his way to my jaw line, he then runs his finger on my lips teasing me. He smiles and kisses me passionately but then pulls away. "Spence? Would you like to meet my family? We are going on holiday and I want you to come...if you like" he looks at me intensely waiting for my reply. "yeah I would love to, but what if they hate me?" I ask worried. "why would anybody hate you? Your amazing",  "aw Lou your so sweet"I reply. 

"we are leaving tomorrow night, we can go to your house and get stuff in the morning"says Louis. "okay"I say as I yawn. Louis see's and picks me up "I'm taking you to bed" I'm too tired to protest. Louis sets me in his bed and kisses my forehead then turns to leave. "wait Louis! Can you please stay till I fall asleep?" I ask. "how can I say no to you" he replies and lays down next to me and puts his arms around me and fall asleep in them.

(hey guys please give me feedback on what you think of my story! i dont care if its good or bad i just need feedback, should i keep on writing?)

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