You've got that one thing - A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction

It felt like a dream being with louis, i was the luckiest girl ever, until my ex comes back and tries to ruin everything. I have to get away from him, he's changed and not in a good way, i dont want him to hurt louis.

Spencer has just become the girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson, who is in one of the biggest boybands ever! But what she doesnt know is that her ex is back in town, until she meets him at a theme park, and he will stop at nothing to try and have her, but Spencer doesnt have feelings for him anymore, which makes him angry....

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3. It's everything about you!


In the morning when I wake up I have a shower, pack my stuff then wait for louis. *phone starts vibrating* ooh that must be Louis I think smiling as I pick up my cell and see a text "hey Spence! See you in 10 :) Lou xo" I reply "okay :) xo" my phone vibrates again and I wonder if it's Louis, "heyy! Sorry about last night but you can't seriously be dating that loser? I need to see you! -Christian x" what the hell? I'm just going to ignore that I'm not going to put up with him right now. Just them someone knocks at the door, I go to open it. "Louis!" and I hug him hard trying to forget about Christian "hey gorgeous, I missed you! I guess you missed me to" says Louis chuckling. Slowly he pulls away and brushes the hair out of my face, slowly he inches towards me teasingly, "Louis..." I protest, and he kisses me slowly but deeply and I feel myself kissing him harder and my hands tangle in his hair, I can feel his hands move towards my lower back and I get a tingly feeling as his fingers run down my spine. But then he pulls away but not before I steal another kiss , Louis smiles at me and I can feel myself blush. "Spence as much as I want to stay here we should probably get going" I grab my bag "yeah, okay let's go" and Louis takes my hand and leads me out.  


We pull up at the beach and see that everyone is already there. "are you alright?" Louis asks me. "yeah, its just the boys have such beautiful girlfriends, I'm going to look out of place" Louis looks me right in the eyes and says " Spence, nobody could ever be as beautiful as you! Please don't ever think your not! "And he pulls me out of the car and leads me to everyone else before I can reply. "hey guys"says Louis, "this is my girlfriend Spencer! " and he puts his arm around my waste. And pulls me to a log for us to sit on. "Spence this is Stephanie Zayns girlfriend" say Louis nodding towards the most stunning person I had ever seen! Her and Zayn looked adorable together.

"hey" I say shyly. "hey, I have a feeling we are going to be great friends"she replies which totally takes me by surprise. "and that is samantha, liams girlfriend and Natalie, Niall's girlfriend. And you already know Kelly" louis finished introducing everyone, these girls so pretty I thought, "hey"I said hope my voice didn't sound too quiet. "remember what I said before babe, don't forget it!" Louis whispered softly in my ear, just as my phone started vibrating "hey sexy! Im at your place where are you? I need to see you, please? Christian x" oh my gosh would he leave me alone I thought. "is everythig alright Spence?" says Louis concerned.

"yeah everything's fine" I say, I know I should just tell Louis but its probably just better if I wait till we are alone. "who wants to go swimming?" calls harry. "me!" Louis shouts and smile and say "yeah why not" as soon as everyone is ready the boys race Down to the water, but us girls hang back and slowly walk there "so how long have you been going out with Louis, Spencer??" asks Stephanie to break the silence. "A couple of weeks" I say. "I can tell he really likes you" says samantha. "that's good" I say. "we see the way he looks at you, he can keep his eyes off of you"says Stephanie and I stare at the ground blushing, but before I look up there is something wet picking me up, I scream because I wasn't expecting louis to chuck me in the ocean, the water is freezing cold but it's also refreshing, Once I can stand I look for Louis and see him chuckling and I get an Idea.
Casualy I walk over to him "sorry Spence I just had to"says Louis still laughing, "it's alright I reply and I stand on my toes and linger my lips cm's from his and just when he thinks I'm going to kiss him I push him and he goes backwards under the water. Louis sits up shocked "got you"I say giggling and He pulls me towards him and kisses me so softly I barely feel his lips against mine. We walk hand in hand back up onto the beach and I notice an extra person up on the beach. 


Louis pov 

What the hell, why is Christian here, I have a bad feeling about him but I know I should be nice for Spencers sake but I can't help being jealous when he has all her attention. "hey Chris what are you doing here" I say a bit to sharply. Oh well. "it's Christian,and I came to hang is that alright?" he replies smirking. "please,sit down" I say and he sits right next to spencer and starts flirting with her and I cant take it "harry can you help me with something in the car?" I ask. "um...okay"and follows me to my car. "hey man,whats up?" Harrys asks. "have you seen the way christian is acting towards Spencer, I can't Handel it, I swear he's trying to get her back,and if he did I know he would hurt her, I just had to get away, please don't let me do anything stupid that I might regret" I say. "well for starters why would she leave you? She adores you! Secondly that guy could never have the conection that you have with Spencer"says harry. "you're probably right,let's just go back" 


Spencers pov


"what the hell are you doing here Christian" I say angrily. "didn't you get my txt? I said that I really need to see you!" oh great! "well Christian, I dont want to see you! I think that you should leave, now!" I say. "if that's what you wish,but I will have you, and you will have forgotten all about Lewis" did he really think that I'd leave Louis "his name is Louis, and you really have to leave!"the others are almost back at our spot from swimming in the ocean "hey man,who are you?"say Zayn hugging Stephanie from behind. "he was just leaving" I say before Christian can answer. "um...uh....yeah, nice meeting you guys" he says and storms off. And when I can no longer see him in sight I get a text "I'm not giving up, you will be mine,you know you like me, i'l stop by later tonight" I see Louis and Harry walking back from where ever they went and run up to Louis and he just pulls me in a hug and holds me close"louis?" I say and look up at him. "can I please stay at your place tonight? I will sleep on the couch!" he leans his forehead against mine and says "anything for you, except your sleeping in my bed I'm not letting you sleep on the couch Spence!" and he smiles "thanks Lou". 

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