You've got that one thing - A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction

It felt like a dream being with louis, i was the luckiest girl ever, until my ex comes back and tries to ruin everything. I have to get away from him, he's changed and not in a good way, i dont want him to hurt louis.

Spencer has just become the girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson, who is in one of the biggest boybands ever! But what she doesnt know is that her ex is back in town, until she meets him at a theme park, and he will stop at nothing to try and have her, but Spencer doesnt have feelings for him anymore, which makes him angry....

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10. eventful evening


I was not expecting this! But I pretended I didn't know who was standing right in front of me. I think Louis had the same idea. "guys this is Christian my boyfriend" says Mary-Kate. Oh shit it's real and he's Gona hurt her, he's only trying to get to me, but I don't want to tell mary-Kate it will break her heart. I squeeze Louis hand. "hey it's nice to see you" I say even tho I'd rather not see him at all. "yeah hey man" says Louis I can tell he's pissed. So before he can say anything else I say " me and Louis are going to go to his room now, night" I say pushing him towards his room. Once we are in I close the door quietly. "Louis how is this possible!" I say. And he just holds me tight. " I don't know but if he does anything to hurt you or Mary-Kate he is going to be sorry!" louis says.  


In the morning I wake up and head to the kitchen where christian is, "what the he'll do you think your doing?" I say in a hushed voice. "Mary-kates my girlfriend that's what!" he says back. I roll my eyes "your just using her, if you hurt her you will pay Christian , I swear" I say and walk off to Louis room before he can reply. Louis is still sleeping so I lie next to him trying not to wake him but I do anyway "sorry I didn't mean to wake you, I just didn't want to be alone with christian in the house" I say softly. "that's alright I should be awake now anyway" he says smiling. 


Mary-kates pov 

I wake up and find christian in the kitchen "hey babe" he says and kisses me, but I know something's not right, I just don't know what. "hey, let's go for a walk" I say and drag him outside, we end up sitting by an old oak tree. "okay you need to tell me what's up, ever since last night you've been acting strange I want to know why" I say just putting it outright. "what? What do you mean" he stutters. "oh cut the bullshit, I know you dont actualy like me, and I know what your trying to do I'm not dumb, if you think that you can use me your fuckin doing your head in" I say. "what/ I dont understand what your talking about" he says looking smug with himself. What a wanker. "thismorning when I woke up I heard your cell ring in your room, you were not there so I thought I'd answer it for you" he just looks at me "why did you answer my phone !!!" he says all defensively. "that doesn't matter, why would you care, unless you have something to hide? So anyway I answered the phone and the person on the other line says 'man your Gona get caught, just give up on Spencer she obviously doesn't want you just give that Mary chick a shag and then bugger off before you do any damadge' so I think that you and I are over you cunt!" I finish and start walking back to the house but Christian grabs me by the collar of my shirt and says "where do you think your going you little bitch, you can't get away from me that easily" I scream "get off me, your crazy!" Louis and Spencer come running out of the house. 


Spencers pov  

Louis and I hear mary-Kate scream and we run out the house to see what's happened. Christian has Mary-Kate and what! Did he just hit her! Louis goes charging and takes a swing at Christian and knocks him 

Off balance. Christian trips but gets back up, he punches Louis in the stomach. Mary-Kate is crying and I'm trying to calm her down whilst screaming at Christian to stop I call the police. Louis takes another punch but 

Misses by inches, then Christian has Louis in a death grip around the throat I'm screaming and scratching at Christians arms trying to free Louis. "get away bitch or i'l mess up your face" he says and suddenly we hear the police sirens, Christian let's go then trys to run for it but Mary-Kate sticks her leg out and he trips on his face. The police now have him In cuffs and we have put in our statements, I walk over to Louis and kiss him "are you okay babe, I was so scared!" I say. "I'm fine, and you?" he asks. "I'm fine don't worry about me, the cop said we don't have to worry about Christian they are taking him to a phsyc ward, apparently he has done this to alot of people" I say glad I don't have to worry about him anymore. "well its good to know he can't hurt anyone I care about now, I love you Spence!" says Louis. I smile "love you too!" Mary-Kate walks over. "let's go inside " she says and we follow her into the house.

The end

(lol sorry I've kind of gotten bored with this Story and I just wanted to finish it but I'm starting a new story which hopefully you guys will enjoy reading :) it will be up soon so look put for it :) hope you enjoyed :)  

- jordy :) xox

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