I won't give up: the m-factor

*this is for the contest*
Megan is always loved music Thats all she has ever loved, pepole said she had an incredible voice but she didn't believe them. When she saw a commercial for M-factor auditions she decided to give it shot and when she auditioned she had fours yes's and made it all the to the judges house and to the top 12 finalest


3. Schedule information

As Rebecca walked away simon started to speak. "alright ladies here is today's schedule we have morning rehearsal at 9:00, a little concert at the Dublin soccer arena at 12:00, and at 6:00 one direction has invited us to there movie preamere."said Simon smileing. All the girls were squealing with excitement. "now go get ready all of you."said Simon. As everyone went to there rooms I asked Simon a question. "um Simon?" I asked. "yes megan?" Asked Simon." Is it alright if I skip the premere?" I ask. "why would you want to skip the premere?" asked Simon concerned. "I just want to work on the song I'm going to sing." I say. "Megan you have been practiceing since the beginng of the week I think you need a brake." Said Simon. I opened my mouth to say somthing but he started talking. "Megan your an incredible singer and is very determined in singing I'm surprised that you stay and practice while the others go and party. And that's amazing but sometimes you need a brake and today I want you to go the primere and have fun." said Simon
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