I won't give up: the m-factor

*this is for the contest*
Megan is always loved music Thats all she has ever loved, pepole said she had an incredible voice but she didn't believe them. When she saw a commercial for M-factor auditions she decided to give it shot and when she auditioned she had fours yes's and made it all the to the judges house and to the top 12 finalest


1. Early mornings

6:00 am read my clock I got out of my bed and made my way downstairs carefully not to wake the other girls sleeping I was the only one up, not even simon. Yes Simon Cowell auditoned for his new show the M-factor and I was at his house In Dublin ireland. Its been a very hard experience especially for me I've gotten up at 6:00 every morning since I got here and have been practiceing the song Simon gave me to sing. I sat down at a table and began to go over the song until the phone rang very loud. I quickly got up and answered it before anyone heard it.
Hello? I wisper into the phone.
Megan? It's L.A why are you up the early? Asked la.
Umm I decided to practice my song I say.
Oh well Can I talk to Simon? Asked la.
Sure hold on i say.
I ran to Simons office and knocked on his door.
Come in he said.
I opened the door and saw him look up.
Um Simon la is on the phone I say.
Oh thank you Megan said Simon
Your welcome I say heading out.
I sat down at a table and began to go over my song again and I overheard Simon on the phone.
La Megan has been up at 6am for the past week going over this soug I can tell that she'll go far

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