I won't give up: the m-factor

*this is for the contest*
Megan is always loved music Thats all she has ever loved, pepole said she had an incredible voice but she didn't believe them. When she saw a commercial for M-factor auditions she decided to give it shot and when she auditioned she had fours yes's and made it all the to the judges house and to the top 12 finalest


2. Dealing with the competition

After about an hour later everyone started to get up. My friend in this competition Elise went into the kitchen and grabbed an Apple for me and her. "Megan how long have you been up?" asked Elise. "since 6" I say taking a bite out of the apple.
"We're you practiceing all that time?" asked Elise. "Yeah I have to do really good!"I say.
"Megan you know how you auditioned before I did?" asked Elise. I nodded my head yes." Well after I saw you audition I got nervous that I wouldn't make it through."really?" I ask.
"yes!!! Megan, your one of the best singers on this competition." said Elise.
Thanks I say.
When she walked away my enemy Rebecca in the competion sat down.
"well if it isn't Megan the girl who shows off all the time while in performances" said Rebecca in a nasty voice.
"I dont show off Rebecca" I say not taking my eyes off the lyrics I was studying.
"Your showing off right now" said Rebecca.
"How? I'm just practicing" I say.
Well I don't Need to practice I have a perfect voice." said rebecca
Nobodys perfect Rebecca I say now looking at her.
But i am and I promise I will beat you In this competion." said Rebecca
Rebecca stop bothering Megan said Simon.
Thanks I mouth to him
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