Pain to the heart

Rose is 19 years old and she belives her life is perfect until one day her mother gets terribly hurt in a car accident and who else does she meet at the hospital other than Louis Tomlinson from one direction.


10. Twitter and encouraging tweet

I spent the night at Louis last night again even though he wasn't home. I guessed that meant it went well with him and Eleanor. But now where do I stand? I know we are just friends but will we get to hang out? I don't even know. I cooked myself a Bacon and egg sandwich and sat to eat breakfast. While I was eating I got on my laptop. On Facebook I see that Louis changed his relationship status to "In a relationship" I just rolled my eyes even though i was hurt and got on twitter. I had around a thousand notifications and I was quite scared. I see the trend saying #WhosRose I didn't even know why so I clicked on it. There were pictures of me and Louis at the club the other night and then there were pictures of me going home with Zayn yesterday and cleaning his car. I decided to tweet "Hello loves, I'm trending how nice." I immediately got a lot of hate about me splitting up Louis and Eleanor. I tweeted them back "We are just friends, and I actually encouraged Louis to get back together with Eleanor." Then everyone started asking me about Zayn. Gosh it was my life but I understood them I used to be Obsesses with Coldplay. " Zayn and I are also just close friends don't worry" Of course people didn't believe me and started hating on me but one tweet made me quite happy "@RosesAreRed that's too bad you and Zayn seem adorable for each other" and it had a photo of Me laying on Zayn when he tackled me yesterday. I replied back to her "Thanks love it is to bad huh? ;)" I knew I just opened a whole can of worms but I didn't care. After about ten minutes or so if me reading KIND comments my phone rang. "Hello" I immediately recognized the voice "Hey Zayn what's up?" He did a little nervous laugh "Can I ask you a question?" I was a little nervous "You just did." He laughed "A different one." I nodded my head and then realized her couldn't see me. "Yeah sure, is something wrong?" He took a deep breath "No nothings wrong I was jut wondering if you would possibly go to the MTV awards with me as my date? I almost couldn't breath. Zayn was so kind but I like Louis like that not him. Then Again Louis had Eleanor I mine as well try. "Sure Zayn I would love to!" he did a sigh of relief "Oh thank the lords, you can go shopping with Lily and Eleanor. Lily was Niall's girlfriend and Eleanor was of course Lou's. "Yeah, no problem." He then Laughed " Thanks for giving me the guts to ask you." I was confused "How?" I probably sounded stupid not knowing what I did " I saw your tweet about us saying it was to bad we were just friends." Now I was embarrassed I never knew Zayn would see that. Then I heard Louis yells Zayns name in the background. Angrily
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