Pain to the heart

Rose is 19 years old and she belives her life is perfect until one day her mother gets terribly hurt in a car accident and who else does she meet at the hospital other than Louis Tomlinson from one direction.


13. Shopping

Today I was going shopping with Eleanor and Lily. I haven't talked to Louis since yesterday afternoon. He won't call or text me back. I'm not letting it bother me but it is worrying me. I want to look somewhat ok going out with two very recognizable people known as the One direction girl friend club people will ask questions about me. But more importantly I wanted to make a good first impression on the girls. I wore navy striped shorts which a red belt and red and white laced shirt along with my white toms. I put on a bracelet with a blue anchor on it and curled my Carmel brown hair to perfection. It seemed as if was they were waiting for me to get dressed to knock because as soon as I put my curling iron away the door rang. Oh god, I wasn't even this nervous meeting Zayn. I opend the door and came face to face with beauty but not Eleanor's. "Hello, I'm Lily." She was a little shorter than me about 5'6 and had Strawberry blonde hair down to her mid-back. Her eyes were hazel and she was incredibly fit. She also had freckles. "Hello, I'm Rose nice to meet you please come in." They both came in and Eleanor with her breathtaking beauty gave me a hug. "Nice to meet you, I've heard lots." I shut the door behind her "Only believe the good stuff." she smiled at me. Then Lily spoke. "Where are we going today?" They both looked at me to pick. "I actually have never been formal dress shopping before so I have no idea." Eleanor looked at me strangely "What about prom?" I smiles at her interest "I was a rebel in High school, I just went to  a party on the beach with a few friends instead." Lily looked shocked probably because she was a goodie two shoes "Your the girl who lost her brother." How did Lily know that? "Yeah, actually that's when I became a bad kid couldn't handle the loss and now everyone's gone." Eleanor  raised her eyes "Everyone?" I sigh "Let's just go shopping girl." Lily jumps off the couch at this "I'll drive." Me and Eleanor follow behind. After we get to some store called "Perfection = Beauty" We all split up looking for dresses . After about ten minutes Lily comes over to me "Hey I found these dresses and they would look great on you." I look at the amount of dresses she is holding "What about you?" She shakes her head "Please, I look good in nothing so I need you and El to help me after you two find one." I put my hand on her shoulder "Your beautiful Lily, gorgeous, breath taking so don't be insecure." Lily smiled "Thanks but your the prettiest, took me six months for Niall to fall for me, And you had Zayn wrapped around your fingers in days." I looked at her strangely six moths , she was patient or more likely in love. "Don't ask me, El is the expert at Beauty."She raised her eyes and turned her voice into a whisper."You intimidate Eleanor, told me herself. Louis liked you and there's a chance he is still hung. Eleanor loves him more though and don't forget that." I just nodded as Eleanor walked over "Ready to try stuff on." I only had about three dresses, Lily had like fifteen and Eleanor had around Ten. "I got three for you Lily" El said and handed them to her Lily looked at me "Ten are for Rose." Eleanor rolled her eyes and lead us to the changing room. After Many dresses Eleanor had picked a Mid length white dress that is about knee length in the front and flows longer in the back. Lily got a black ,strapless, tightly fit, long, flowy dress. I walked out after my sixth dress "My lord" is all Lily said and Eleanor closed her eyes as if seeing me was a pain. When she opens her eyes she smiled "This is the one, really you're going to look the best. I turn around and look at my refelection. The dress is knee length, dark red, white lace at the bottom and top. It made me look, skinny, tall, and like I had big boobs which I did not. It was great. Louis.. I mean Zayn will be happy as Hell . 
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