Pain to the heart

Rose is 19 years old and she belives her life is perfect until one day her mother gets terribly hurt in a car accident and who else does she meet at the hospital other than Louis Tomlinson from one direction.


12. Overheard

"Zayn, are you here?" I yelled as I waked into their house. As I sat my purse down on the kitchen counter I saw him sitting on the couch "Hey Rose, you look nice." I knew he was just being kind since I was just wearing jeans my, an Areopostale hoodie and my hair was in a bun. "Thanks Zayn, but that's not true I look like a bum." I excepted Zayn to say something but someone beat him to it "I'm sure you look beautiful in anything." I turn over and see Louis "Thanks Lou." He smiles at me and glares at Zayn "Long time no see huh?" What the heck.. "It's only been about four days." He laughed "Long enough right?" I feel quite awkward considering I'm here to see Zayn not, I don't even know what me and Louis are. "How is Eleanor." His smile fades and he just nods his head "She has been better I guess. Can't wait to meet you tomorrow." I try to hide my worry but I know Louis can see right through me. "Whats wrong." I just shake me head and turn to Zayn "Anyways, I was wondering if you wanted to go to lunch." He immediately got off the couch. "Sure, let me go get dressed." I looked at him strangely. He was wearing black jeans, a button up red shirt with a black undershirt. His hair was up like always. "You look fine Zayn, you actually look great." He looked at me strangely "Just let me fix my hair ok." I roll my eyes and look over to where Louis WAS. "Wait where did Louis go?" As Zayn walks up the stairs he yells "In his room probably." Thank the lord I knew which was his room. It was a large guys for two people . All the boys lived with there girlfriends except Harry he lives by himself. When Eleanor and Perrie broke up with Zayn and Louis they decided to live together. I'm sure Louis would be moving out soon since him and Eleanor are back on. I winced as I thought of it. I still like Louis but Eleanor Loves him, and more importantly Louis loves her. I knock on the door "Louis can I come in." He doesn't answer so I creak his door open. He is not on his bed but I can hear his voice in the bathroom. I quietly close the door. I almost knock on the bathroom door till I hear my name. "What the Hell, Rose. No ok, you love Eleanor and Rose is just a roadblock to happiness. But roadblocks are not supposed to make you happier than you have ever been. Damn it I hate the way things happen. Karma huh? I just need time to think. I won't go to the MTV awards I cant. Who am I kidding Management would kill me. But So will seeing Zayn and Rose hand in hand. Her holding his instead of mine. I have never fell in love so fast. Oh shit, I'm in love with two people. Why me? And why dies Rose have to be so perfect!" I couldn't believe my ears I hear him hit the wall "Shit!" I run into the bathroom "Louis are you ok?" He looks at me strangely "What are you doing." I made up the quickest lie I could "I was coming to see you and when I opens the door I heard a band and then you yell, why did you hit the wall?" I already knew but I wanted to hear his excuse. "I can't handle my mom in the hospital any more." Well he was a good Liar. "Go sit on the bed while I get an emergency kit. "Rose, did you leave?" I hear Zayns voice. Louis pressed his fingers against my lips "I see right through your lies, go to lunch with Zayn. Tell no one what you just heard me say in the bathroom." I was so shocked I couldn't move. I swear my lie was good, wasn't it? I couldn't speak "Rose- oh there you are." Zayn came up to me and took my hand. I saw Louis flinch and put his hand quickly in his pocket. "Bye Louis, tell Eleanor I said Hi." Zayn said as he pulled me out of the door. I saw Louis look to the floor and say "Sure thing mate." I haven't talk to him since. 
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