Pain to the heart

Rose is 19 years old and she belives her life is perfect until one day her mother gets terribly hurt in a car accident and who else does she meet at the hospital other than Louis Tomlinson from one direction.


2. Nice to Meet You


I walk out of the room not being able to look at my mother any more. Her damaged body brings pain to my heart.  As soon as I look over at the waiting section I see the girl I saw earlier crying. I walk up to her "Whats wrong love?" She looks up at me and I see the pain in her eyes she looks at me " mother died" I instantly felt her pain , my mother is dyinng I just hope it didn't turn out the same way . "Im sorry for your loss"I sat down and tried to comfort her but it wouldnt work she just lost her mother. "I'm going to get lunch would you like something" I could tell she had not ate all day she looked at me "Sure, that would be nice" I took her hand and we walked out. Out of the worst place on earth the place her mother died, and mine wasn't far behind.


As we walked out I admired his features. He was breathtakingly handsome. I knew he was the boy I had walked in on earlier. His mother was not at her best either "Im Rose, nice to meet you" He looked at me and smiled, all that he is going through he is still able to smile "Im Louis, nice to meet you too" I laughed "Im sorry I walked in on you and your mother earlier" he shook his head "It is alright" I knew he was just being kind. We walked my hand still in his I pulled away and he blushed. "Oh I'm sorry" I smiled and looked back at his car it was a red Mustang. He must be wealthy. "So where do you want to go to lunch?" I looked as his face and I swear I knew it from somewhere but couldnt put my finger on it "I don't care, wherever is fine for me." 

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