Pain to the heart

Rose is 19 years old and she belives her life is perfect until one day her mother gets terribly hurt in a car accident and who else does she meet at the hospital other than Louis Tomlinson from one direction.


20. Hearts

As I walk out of the elevator Louis and Eleanor started to run to her room. I was about to witness the person that brought me and Louis together die. She raised him so well and Lou has so many siblings she had to raise them to. I walked in and saw Louis already in tears along with Eleanor trying to comfort him. I sat down next to Lily and then the nurse came in "Hello Mr. Tomlinson he looked at Elenanor "Is that your wife?" He shook his head "No, not yet anyway." He looked at Eleanor and they smiled as much as they could and gave each other  a peck in the lips. They grabbed each others hand and I saw Eleanor glance at him and smile happily.  This is when it hit me. Eleanor and Louis were made for each other. They were put on the world for each other. They had fights and people can doubt love every now and then. But its all worth it. Eleanor is not my roadblock to happiness ,I'm hers. And I'm removing my self from the road. I could tell, Louis really loved her too, kind of like Zayn loves me.  "What's wrong with her is there any hope." He looks at me "Her heart is dying, not strong enough to last." I have never talked to this woman but it was sure with what I said next. "She can have mine." At this Louis looked up form his mother "Absolutely not, If any one it would be me." I shake my head "You have a job and if your not there it ruins the whole band , and Eleanor would be devestated. I have known you guys for like a month. It would be sad at first but then ok later. Like when your mom calls you at night and congrats you on new singles or comes to your Guys wedding." Eleanor had started to cry harder. "Rose, your to kind but it's your life, we refuse to take it." I took a deep breath. "Exactly its my life, and my choices. This woman will do more with her time left then I will my whole life." Louis got up and came close to me "Rose, Zayn won't let you, and neither will I." I stood up "Louis William Tomlinson, no one controls my life but me. And my heart is worthless anyway. All I feel is pain." I grabbed my bag and walked out. I saw the other boys in the parking lot and I just passed them with my hood up. "Where are you going." I turned to see Zayn."How did you know it was me." He laughed "I can tell by the way you walk, and your body figure." I shook my head "I'm wearing jeans and a sweatshirt." He shrugged his shoulders "I pay close attention." I sighed "Zayn, I love you. I really do." He grabbed my hand "Are you leaving me?" I looked at him my eyes filled with tears "You could say that  I'm leaving everyone." He looked at me stranger and sadly "What do you mean." I put my arms around him and kissed him hard and slowly. "Zayn, I'm giving my heart away, to Louis' mom." He stepped away "He is not letting you do that." I shook my head "Doesn't matter, it's my heart and my life." He tilted my chin up and wiped away a tear Actually, it's my heart." I looked at him qurious "What?" he laughed a little " I have Your heart, and you have mine. So technically your giving my heart away." I smiled at him "That's so cheesy." He grinned "I learned it from Harry." I put my arm around his neck "You have your own charms." He kissed me and pulled away. "Let's Go see Louis mom, ok" I pulled away "No, I didn't change my mind." Ar that I ran away. Probably causing pain to multiple people's heart. But I wouldn't have one for long so it's ok. 
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