Pain to the heart

Rose is 19 years old and she belives her life is perfect until one day her mother gets terribly hurt in a car accident and who else does she meet at the hospital other than Louis Tomlinson from one direction.


6. Going to hell

  What the Heck, he didn't even ask her out like a gentleman how rude. It was ridiculous. I look at Louis madly but she seems happy as ever. "Are you serious" Louis looks at me strangely "What?" I raise my eyebrows "You didn't even ask her." He sighs and looks at Rose "Sorry, I just figured it was okay to make it an exclusive relationship". She smiled "It is okay Lou."  No ok it wasn't and what about the girl he still loved "What about Eleanor" Louis eyes filled with sadness as Rose looked confused. "Who's that" I laughed "His ex-girlfriend that he proposed to but she turned him down." Rose looked sad and mad. "When did this happen Louis" he sighed "Same day I met you." she nodded and it was terrible but I felt happy "I, haven't seen her since , we haven't even talked" Rose looked just angry now but not because he lied. "Louis, go after her! If it was me I would surely be even more sad if you didn't come. If you love Eleanor you have to tell her maybe she was shocked or just not ready!"Rose screamed as people started to look at us. Louis face filled with guilt.  "But, us" she smiled "We can be friends Lou we have only been on one proper date." he nodded and this was my time "I will take Rose back to the house and you can go talk to Eleanor." Louis just nodded and got up along with Harry who had done nothing but sit there. I was a terrible person. Louis made it clear to us Eleanor was never looking to settle down any time soon and Louis was crushed but all I did was use it against him. I'm going to hell..
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