Pain to the heart

Rose is 19 years old and she belives her life is perfect until one day her mother gets terribly hurt in a car accident and who else does she meet at the hospital other than Louis Tomlinson from one direction.


18. Family Emergency

After a stylist Curled my hair and I got my dress on Eleanor gave me shoes to borrow since I forgot some. We all looked beautiful. I couldn't believe my own reflection but Eleanor was definitely the most beautiful. Louis would be so lucky. Them two walking together would be a better love story than twilight. As I got into a car I saw I was With Zayn and Harry. Harry just looked at me and said "Zayn's a lucky man." I just nodded and realized this would be the first time people see me and Zayn together as a couple. No one was clear on the whole car wash thing. "Zayn-" As if he read my mind he said "Rose you look beautiful and everyone is going to love you so don't worry." After around ten minutes we got  there. Harry walked out causally first. Then Me and Zayn walked out. Cameras immediately started flashing as he closed the door for me. I put on my most beautiful and intimidating smile. Zayn squeezed my hand then let go and began to sign stuff. I just walked on but then someone stopped me. She looked around 15, and I rememberd her from the day me and Louis went to lunch with Zayn and Harry. she was the person Louis confirmed our relationship to. The only person outside the group. "You, Rose." I smiled at her hoping she forgot. "Would you like a picture or anything?" She nodded "Yes please" some stranger took a picture of us then she said."when I post this in twitter should I say Louis or Zayn's girlfriend?" I looked at her strangely."Excuse me" she laughed "I'll just put it as Slut." I took a deep breath then turned around and walked in. She was right though I am a slut. A girl who went out with two boys in a group and owns a bar. Classy right? As I walked in I Saw Louis and Eleanor. They were talking to Taylor Swift. Oh god. They both looked so happy even Louis until he saw me. He excuse himself and walked toward me. "Rose listen," He was going to say something but then Zayn walked up and put his arm around my waist "Hey mate, El looks beautiful." Louis nodded "Rose to." Then turned around. I guess I will have to wait. I met multiple people even Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez . I love them. As I sat down we waited and many awards were given. Then the boys went backstage and prepared to form. After a few minutes I heard the beginning of Live While Were Young. I smiled as they stepped on stage and Liam began to sing. They all looked so happy as if nothing has ever been wrong. There were a few people holding signs but most people here were famous or their dates. Then toward the middle all the boys stopped singing and looked at Louis. Then Louis dropped his Microphone and ran off stage. "Sorry everyone, Louis has had a family emergency." They all left the stage. Eleanor stood up and me and Lily followed. As we got backstage I saw Louis crying and yelling at one of their managers "I don't give a fuck I'm leaving!" Harry nodded "I will go with him." Us girls still didn't understand what was going on. Then Paul came in "Quiet!" He screamed. "Louis and Harry can go to the hospital. Liam,Zayn, and Niall will stay here incase we win the award. Eleanor can go to. "What's going on?" Lily said finally. Niall looked sadly at her "Louis mom is dying, right now." Louis clenched his fist when Niall said it and Eleanor did a little gasp. "No" Was all I could say. I never met her but I wanted to. I wanted to see the woman that raised such a fine man. I had to thank her for putting Louis in my life even if we couldn't be together. "Can I go?" Everyone looked at me "All the girls can go, we don't need them." Said Paul than  Lily, Eleanor, Louis, Harry and I left. 
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