Pain to the heart

Rose is 19 years old and she belives her life is perfect until one day her mother gets terribly hurt in a car accident and who else does she meet at the hospital other than Louis Tomlinson from one direction.


16. Bail and Workplace

I woke up and got dressed in gray skinnys, a  Coldplay shirt, and my grey heels. I pit my hair down naturally (Wavy). I went in to check on Eleanor and she was asleep so I just wrote her a note saying I went to pick up Louis. I stuck it on the fridge and left. When I arrived at the police station I went up to the desk. "I'm here to Bail Louis Tomlinson." She smiled "That will be three hundred dollars." I paid her casually as if it was no big deal because it wasn't. I had a lot if money , I owned a company god sakes. They released Louis and he walked to the car Silently. When we got in I passed him some Clothes. "I know you have been in that all night so I brought you close." He thanked me and began to Undress "Not now Louis, Heavens. I have to stop by the bar and see how stuff is going, pay the workers since its payday. You can change there." He just nodded his head "I'm Sorry Rose." As I turned the corner I said "Don't apologize to me, apologize to Zayn and Eleanor." He looked out the window. He knew what he did. I wanted to know why he went to jail but it was none of my business and I didn't need to ask. As I parked the car I put my hand on his shoulder . "Louis, Your a good man ok. You just work to hard. Stop thinking so much and live ok. Know why you want and go after it. Then I got out and he followed. I missed the bar. I hadn't been here in about a week. As I walked in everyone cheered "Hey, There's our Girl." I waved at Everyone "Payday people!" They all laughed and began working again. I said Hello one of our regular coustumers, who was gay. "Hey Mack" He smiled "Who's that friend with you?" I looked at Louis and got closer to Mack "He's as straight as a circle if you ask me." Mack laughed an Winked at Louis. And Louis looked him strangey "What's-" I laughed loud "He is gay Louis." He held back a laugh "Oh." I showed him the main office I worked at. You can change in here while I write checks or in the bathroom. He went to the bathrooms but came back a minute later "I'm not changing in there." I just rolled my eyes as I wrote checks. Twelve workers to pay. I wrote the higher check first but in the middle I couldn't help but stare at Louis changing. His Arms were so muscular, body so tan and fit, and he looked great in stripes. I heard him laugh and I looked at his face. "Miss it huh?" It came out more harsh than I thought "Never really had it Lou, can't miss what You didn't have." He was about to say something when Elena the manger walked in. "Am I interrupting something?" I shook my head as i wrote the last three checks and she smiled in Louis direction. "Well Miss. Rose,  it is payday and I was wondering of you had the checks for me to pass out?" I nodded my head and handed them to her. "Yes I do and tell Jackson he got a raise." She looked at me strangely and left. Louis looked at me "Who is Jackson?"I sighed "Mikes Ex boyfriend" They were together in high school when he died." Louis sighed an walked toward to me "Rose, is that why he got bullied." I nodded "Enough about this. You need to apologize to Zayn and Eleanor since tonight is the MTV awards  understand." He sighed and nodded. "Eleanor first since she is at my house." He looked a time strangey "Why did she come to you?" I raised my shoulders "I don't know Louis" he raised his eyebrows and got closer "Did you tell her what I said." I shook my head "Never would." He Frowned "Guess I have to then." I held back gasp "No, you can't the awards,Zayn, everything." He shook his head "After the Awards, and I'm doing it because I know what I want, You." I swear to you I didn't mean to say what I said next but I said it anyway. "Louis Tomlinson, I love Zayn and you will stop acting like a Man whore unless you want to end up with Mack out there." I then got up and grabbed my purse "Find you own way home." I left him. 
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