Pain to the heart

Rose is 19 years old and she belives her life is perfect until one day her mother gets terribly hurt in a car accident and who else does she meet at the hospital other than Louis Tomlinson from one direction.


19. Announcement!

Tomorrow when I get home from school I will count the vote and that will be final. As of now Zayn is winning by a lot. Maybey around Six or so. You can vote multiple times For whoever you want. Sorry this story line is going by so fast. I began writing with someone by we haven't been in contact since around chapter four or three. I am about to write a sequel to "Act like Lovers" and t is going to be epic so get ready and read the first one of you haven't yet. Thanks for all the viewers and favorites so far. Sorry to bore you wih this but I did write a chapter first. I'm going to go watch Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer now. Bye loves.
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