Summer Love

A Liam fan fic :3

Will Laura and Liam find true love? Find out in this story :)


5. Chapter 5

Morgan's POV-
Once we unpacked our clothes me and Laura ran to eah other and yelled "SHOPPING!!!" at the same time and ran down stairs to tell the boys where we were going. Niall gave us the keys to his car and we drove to the mall. After 2 hours of shopping for stuff we would need and stuff we wanted and we even got a few things or the boys. We walked by an ice cream store and Laura send we should get some ice cream for us and the boys, so I texted them and asked what flavors they wanted and then we got our ice cream and drove home. After we finished our ice cream Harry suggested that we go in the hot tub that was up stairs so we all went and got our swim suits on and went to the hot tub. Louis suggested that while we're in here we should play truth or dare and we all agreed.

Laura's POV-
Louis started by asking Zayn and Zayn said truth. " Is it true that Perrie is the love of your life?" Louis asked. "Yeah" Zayn answered. "Laura truth or dare?" Zayn asked. "Ummmm..... Dare" I said. " I dare you to go over to our neighbors house, in your bikini and start dancing Gangnam Style" he said. That made everyone laugh, including me. "Ok" I agreed because we had no chickens and it would be fun. So I got out and ran down the stairs and to the neighbors and knocked on the door. When they answered I started dancing Gangnam Style and they ran away into our beach house and ran up stairs and got into the hot tub and we were all laughing really loud and Niall had video taped it so we watched it and posted it on twitter and taged me in it.
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