Summer Love

A Liam fan fic :3

Will Laura and Liam find true love? Find out in this story :)


4. Chapter 4

(A/N: Sorry!!!! Sorry I haven't wrote In a very lone time, it's because if school :P o well but here is a new chapter for you guys!!!)
Laura's POV-
Once we got on the plane I called the window seat and Morgan called the aisle seat so Louis was stuck in the middle. Before we took off Louis was texting the guys and telling them we were taking off and then we had to turn our phones off and fell asleep. (skip rest of plane ride because it's boring) Once the plane landed, we got off and Louie ran right to the boys and hugged them all and me and Morgan followed him. They all hugged me and Harry said, " Your Lou's sister right?" "yeah, and this is my best friend Morgan" I said while pointing to her and she was quietly fa fueling over Harry. Liam came up to us and we tried to calm her down on the way to the van and it finally worked and she started talking to them. Once we got there Harry and Liam showed us where the room me and Morgan we sharing for the summer and it was huge. It had two bathrooms, two king sized beds, a makeup table and Hair table, and my favorite, the two walk in closest.
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