Summer Love

A Liam fan fic :3

Will Laura and Liam find true love? Find out in this story :)


3. Chapter 3

Louis had made vegetable soup with extra carrots. While we were eating we were talking about where the plane was going to stop to pick up the boys. We were going to have to only make 3 stops by plane and one by car before we got to the airport. Our beach house is in California so it was a long plane ride. After we had ate we went to bed because of the long traveling day we would have tomorrow. I woke up before Louie and went to take a shower and get ready. I put on some yoga pants from PINK, a white tank top, a hot pink sweatshirt from PINK, and white converse. I went to Louie's room and whole his arm to wake him up and I told him it was almost time to go then went down stairs to get a granola bar. When we were both ready we loaded our things into Louis's can and went to pick up Morgan. After we had picked up Morgan, we went to the airport and checked into our flight. We had breakfast then we waited for the plane.
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