Summer Love

A Liam fan fic :3

Will Laura and Liam find true love? Find out in this story :)


2. Chapter 2

"Laura!!!!" Louis yelled up to me as I was getting ready to go. "Hurry up!!! We're going to be late!!!" he yelled again. "I'm coming!!!!" I said as I finished putting on my eye liner and looked in the mirror and admired my outfit. I was wearing my neon orange smiley face jumper, my black skinny jeans, white converse, and a little make-up. I grabbed my purse and ran down the stairs to see Louis. He was taking me shopping for our summer trip with the boys. I haven't seen him in a few months so we had a lot to talk about and we bought a lot of things. Louis picked out a bunch of clothes for me to try on like 6 shirts, 10 pairs of shorts, 2 jumpers, and like 3 bikinis. He said he would buy me anything I wanted so he ended up buying all those clothes plus a few pair of pajamas, another 2 bikinis, and some shoes. When we got home he helped me pack all my clothes and everything I wanted to take with me and then went to make dinner. I called my friend Morgan to see if she was all packed for tomorrow. "hey" I said when she answered,"you ready for tomorrow?" "yes!!!!" she answered. "I can't wait to spend the summer on the beach with u and the guys!!!" "ikr" I answered her, then I heard Louie calling me and said,"Sorry I have to go eat I'll text u later." Then hung up and ran down stairs
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