Summer Love

A Liam fan fic :3

Will Laura and Liam find true love? Find out in this story :)


1. Chapter 1

My name is Laura Tomilinson Before I skip ahead and tell you about what happened to me this summer I should tell you a bit about me first. Long blonde curly/wavy hair, bright blue eyes, I am skinny and I am kinda tall, like around 5' 6'. I live in Londen with my brother. Yes, as you might have guessed, my brother is Louis Tomilinson. One of the five singers from one direction. You might think its awesome to live with a famous brother, but it can be difficult with all the photographers and fans swarming the house. Plus he isn't home much of the time any ways, always out with the guys. I've only met them once, during there X-factor days when we and to visit them for a day. This summer Louie said he would take The boys, my friend Morgan, who has a huge crush on my brother, and me to our beach house. This is going to be and awesome summer!! :D
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