One Direction is in Louisville for a concert. The city is in chaos. This exiting occasion abruptly turns silent when 13 year old Kelly Parker is hit by a drunk driver. All laughter dies, all shrieking halts, everyone is wondering the same thing. What happened to Kelly Parker?


6. Strength

        It has been six days since that fateful day. Kelly is still shocked from the news, not coping really well. It is hard for her. Now she spends her days watching rented movies, reading magazines, or simply staring into space. A blank expression is plastered on her visage.Nothing brings her joy these days, except one thing: One Direction. They bring a sizable smile onto her face, a fresh breath of happiness in her life. 

       A nurse, clad in white attire, enters the sterile hospital room. "Miss, is there anything I can do for you?" The little girl thinks for a considerable amount of time, before replying, " Can you please turn on the radio?"

        The nurse makes her way to the modest radio perched on a table. With in seconds, a radio host starts to speak. " And here is One Direction!" The familiar beat of WMYB begins, a smile spreads across the little girl's face. They brig her strength. She can now accept the fact that she will no longer walk again, thanks to five people: One Direction.

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