One Direction is in Louisville for a concert. The city is in chaos. This exiting occasion abruptly turns silent when 13 year old Kelly Parker is hit by a drunk driver. All laughter dies, all shrieking halts, everyone is wondering the same thing. What happened to Kelly Parker?


4. Silence

           Silence took over, causing the world to gasp at the horror that laid before there eyes. Already cradling the limp body in her arms, Mrs. Parker proceeded to sob faintly. She too dared not speak, only moving her mouth due to her uncontrollable trembling. Hearing footsteps behind her, she turned to face their, pain clear on her countenance. Paramedics clad in white uniforms come to her aid, equipped with necessarily equipment, including an unoccupied stretcher. Hovering over the little frame, they lift her upon the stretcher with great care. They roll the stretcher away, the metal frame bumping along the unleveled road that leads up to the ambulance parked a few feet away. The stretcher is lifted into the awaiting vehicle and the doors shut, a lifeless body inside.

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