One Direction is in Louisville for a concert. The city is in chaos. This exiting occasion abruptly turns silent when 13 year old Kelly Parker is hit by a drunk driver. All laughter dies, all shrieking halts, everyone is wondering the same thing. What happened to Kelly Parker?


2. Preparations

      "We're gonna be late," calls a women, her annoyance clear in her tone. The sound of wheezing is now audible, along with the sight a girl adorned in One Direction merchandise and carrying a poster that displays photographs of the band. Coming to halt., she catches her break, before speaking." Ready!" Satisfied the women, resembling her daughter, turns on heel and exits the building, the girl closely following. 

      The sun comes in to view as the pair make their way out of the grand Hilton hotel, a ball of fiery red scorching heat. Outside more fans are collecting, causing the line to extend for many yards. "OMG!!! I can't wait," Squeals the girl, her excitement bubbling up internally, and presenting itself on the outside. " Calm down Kelly," Snaps the women, who is Kelly's annoyed mother. Kelly deflates, masking a blank countenance onto her tan face. Her excitement dies down externally, replaced by a quiet girl. As they reach their car, she fumbles with the door, jammed in place, proceeds to open it, and take her seat in the car. Peering out of the window, her excitement bubbles up again as she spots all the fans. This was going to be a great night!





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