One Direction is in Louisville for a concert. The city is in chaos. This exiting occasion abruptly turns silent when 13 year old Kelly Parker is hit by a drunk driver. All laughter dies, all shrieking halts, everyone is wondering the same thing. What happened to Kelly Parker?


3. Fate

Driving was impossible, due to the absorbent amount of adolescences gathering around the Yum Center. This only added to the irritation of Mrs. Parker, along with the continuous shrieks of her teenage daughter Kelly. Gazing at the swarm of people around her, Kelly became absorbed with the surrounding sights. 

Finally traveling forward, even if it only meant moving up three feet, a grin became to appear at the corner of Mrs. Parker's lips. Her tensed countenance' relaxed,  replaced by a pleasant expression. Now having a positive attitude, she resumed her journey through the swarm of people. That's when it happened. A bronze truck, worn with age, rounded the bend and smashed right through the car of Mrs. Parker. A little body flew through the door, landing on the pavement beside her. She didn't move.


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