One Direction is in Louisville for a concert. The city is in chaos. This exiting occasion abruptly turns silent when 13 year old Kelly Parker is hit by a drunk driver. All laughter dies, all shrieking halts, everyone is wondering the same thing. What happened to Kelly Parker?


5. Again

      The steady beep of medical equipment was the only sound detected in the cramped hospital room.. Through out  the room various flowers and chocolates from worried visitors were spread out. A woman sat next to a lifeless body, clutching the little girl's fragile hands, while sobbing uncontrollably. Her petite daughter was hooked up to multiple wires, her life in the danger. The horrible accident that landed her in situation had happened over two days ago and she still hadn't  woken up. Doctors had confirmed that she was paralyzed from the waist down as the result of the accident. Suddenly a faint voice came from the little girl's lips."Mom?" The gut wrenched woman turned towards the direction of the voice. " Sweetie, are you okay?" A worried Mrs. Parker asked, relieve flooding her. "Mom," The feeble voice continued, " What happened?" " Well sweetie, you were in a car crash. I don't know how to tell you this, but..." She stopped abruptly. Tears uncontrollably streaming down her face. " You won't be able to walk again." "What?"

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