Directioner life

Taylar's parents buys her one direction tickets and back stage passes. After that day they kept in touch. Will one of the boys fall for her????


1. Tickets

Taylar's POV :

I woke up to my alarm WMYB, as soon as I got out of bed my cousin called me her name is Leah. “ WHAT! ” I screamed to her “ now is that how you wanta act on you birthday? ” Leah said. “ I'm sorr-” just then my mom and dad walked in and hands me tickets and says “ happy birthday sweetie ” I looked at the tickets then at my mom and dad then back at the tickets. “ AHHHHHHHHHHH” I screamed and forgot about Leah. Leah panicked “ omg what is it ” “ sorry I have to go bye ” with that I hung up.
Leah's POV:

All I heard was her scream and said she had to go then hung up asap. What the matter with her I thought as I went down stairs to the living room. I over heard my parents talking about something in the kitchen. I put my ear against the door and my mom said “ ok how are we going to give the tickets to her?! I mean it's one direction! ” when I heard that I wanted to scream but instead I went to call Taylar.
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