Directioner life

Taylar's parents buys her one direction tickets and back stage passes. After that day they kept in touch. Will one of the boys fall for her????


2. Ready for school

Taylar's POV:

When I hung up with Leah I thanked my parents and called Brooke my younger cousin. The phone ringed for a few seconds “ hello? Taylar I have some great news ” “ what? me to!! you first ” “ ok my mom and dad got me one direction tickets!! ” “ omg I have some to.... Oh that reminds my I sort of hung up on Leah earlier so got to go bye ” with that I was dialing her number when she called me “ omg you will never believe this ” she yelled “ what ” “ my mom is going to give me 1d tickets!!! ” we jumped around a little bit and I told her about Brooke “ well... Don't want to be late for school! Bye ” I calmed down after that and took a shower. I grabed my fave hot pink tank with some jean shorts shorts, my 1D hoodie and my Toms. I put them on and headed for school.
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