Directioner life

Taylar's parents buys her one direction tickets and back stage passes. After that day they kept in touch. Will one of the boys fall for her????


3. On way to consert

* two weeks later *
Taylar's POV:

I couldn't wait till the consert it's just five hours away! Just then I heard a knock at my bedroom door, “ come in! ” the door slowly opened it was Leah and Brooke. They looked gorgeous. Leah had her blonde hair curled with a baby blue half cut shirt that mached her eyes, and a white tank under that with some blue jean shorts. Brooke had her blonde hair up in a side ponytail with the ends curled, and had a off the shoulder black shirt that has 1D on it, and some white short shorts. Me I looked likt both of them I had my dark brown hair down and straighten with a black off the shoulder cutoff with a baby blue tank under and white short shorts. And some how we all had toms. Weird.... After that we all jumped in the Car and Leah drove.
Brook's POV

we listened to one direction the whole way there wich was about an hour Mabye. We sang to the songs talked about how exciting it would be to go backstage!!! The Taylar wanted to listen to moments so I plugged my phone in and listened to it by the end of the song we were crying. Once we got there we could see that our make up was a mess so we re applied it then we were off.
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