Torn - A Harry Styles Fan Fiction

Lucy's best friend Ariana pleads her to come along to the signing of one direction of which Lucy knows nothing about, but she agrees to it. When they are there harry gets this feeling and he cant help but feel attracted towards Lucy. Lucy thinks that he is just one of those boy bands that think they are all that and don't really care about others, but she soon finds out that maybe she was wrong maybe harry is really down to earth, kind and caring, and also very charming. but also whilst figuring out if she likes harry or not, when she is home her father drinks at the pub, comes home and beats her, what will happen if harry finds out? Can Lucy fix all her problems before she just cant take it anymore? Read to find out :)


2. Why me?


Harrys p.o.v

2 hours later...  

"Guys I can't get her out of my head!"I say throwing my hands in the air.
"what? Who?" asks Louis confused. They all give me a questioning look. "Lucy! The girl from the signing! I can't stop thinking about her call me cliche but she's most definitely not like any other girl I have ever met, she is so beautiful i couldn't take my eyes off of her, I have to get to know her, I have to" I say pacing the room. "I'll do whatever it takes" I say knowing its true. 
"woah calm down curly!"says Louis. The others laugh at Louis joke. I go to my room and find my phone. Contacts....

To: Lucy :)
hey Lucy, I can't stop thinking about you, I know I don't really know you , but I'd like to    :) Yours truly, Harry Styles x'  I hit send and nervously wait for a reply.


Lucy's p.o.v

*phone vibrates* I take my phone out of my pocket. 'one new message received-unknown number' I read the message confused. "Ari? um who's Harry?" I ask frowning. She giggles " um Harry styles of course, you know from one direction,who we only just saw like 2 hours ago, I kind of gave him your number"she replies sheepishly. I roll my eyes "oh goodness" I mutter to myself then hit reply 'Why did you want my number, I'm nothing special, trust me' I send it and instantly get a reply. 'Well, I really want to see you, get to know you :)  how would you like to hang out tomorrow at the beach? :)  x' he replies instantly.
I sigh, Ariana looks at me smiling, "He's trying to get me to hang out at the beach tomorrow" I say. Ariana gets this look on her face and says "please!!! Can we go, ask if I can come I really want to see niall!" she asks giving me her most pleading eyes. I can't say no to her she's my best friend. "fine!" I say and hit reply, 'ok, but only if Ariana can come, she wants you to bring Niall :L ' I let out a giggle as I type, Ariana looks at me funny but I just shake my head. He replies almost as quickly as the first time 'algoods :) send me your address and we'll pick you girls up at 12' he replies I quickly text him Ariana's address with see you tomorrow, then I turn off my phone. "ok Ari you can go, i'll swing by at 11 before they get here. Im Going to off head home now." I say giving her a hug. "okay drive safe Luce"she replies. I nod and head off.

I pull into my driveway, and hop out the car, taking a deep breath before I open the door. I slowly walk to the lounge where I hear the t.v blearing. Dads not in their, weird. I look around but still can't find him, I go back to the lounge. A booming voice comes from behind me "where the hell have you been you little bitch!" yells my dad his words slurring.
I just stand their afraid, knowing whats coming next. Dad swings his fist at me and knocks me off my feet leaving me clutching my face in agony.
He kicks me in the shin "get up you slut" he yells, every word hurts me, I wish mum was here, if she was dad wouldn't be like this, out of control. But I can't have mum back, I would do anything to have my mum back. Tears spill from my face, until everything's blurry "did you not hear what I said?" he yells spitting in my face. He grabs me by the hair and rips some of it out. I whimper in pain. He twists my arm right back and I scream out loud. "shut the fuck up" he screams at me.
His eyes are bloodshot, his face has a nasty snarl on it with his piercing eyes full of hate. I pull away from his hold and sprint up to my room and lock it. I run to my closet and hide like I used to when I was little and scared, I shut the door so I was fully inclosed in darkness. I could hear bashing on my door which eventually died down after about a hour. I reach for my shoe box which held a small pocket knife, a torch, pen, my diary, and a photo of mum and I.

I reach for the knife and flick it open. Slowly I make a cut on my wrist, the blood flows out. I know I shouldn't do this but it helps me cope, its better than feeling the pain of your own father beating you.
I stick the knife back in the box and pull out the photo of mum and I. I was really young in the photo, but I remember the day it was taken, mum was taking me to the zoo I was so excited. It was a little outing, just mum and I. We had a picnic there under the biggest tree we could find, and I remember mum saying'lucy baby? I want you to know that if one day I'm not here, no mater what I love you and i'll always watch over you, your so precious, and you going to do so many great things in life' then she hugged me tightly.

That day I didn't know mum had cancer, nobody had told me. I didn't find out until about a  month later, the day she passed away. Dad didn't even tell me about mum he wouldn't look at me, the doctor had to sit me down and explain it all. I cried for days I would ask Dad when was mum coming back, he wouldn't talk to me, he shut me out of his life, I was left to fend for myself. After about 3 weeks of listening to dad cry, he finally stopped, but then he got into drinking, thats when the violence started. And ever since then this is where I come, its like my safe place I guess you could say. Somewhere I can be on my own, think about things. I wrap a bandage around my wrist, pull on my pajama's and climb into bed. I curl up and slowly drift off to sleep.

Next day...  

I wake up to a txt message from Ariana 'wakey wakey, rise and shine Lucy! :) the boys will be here soon :) xo' I sigh and reply 'be there in 30 mins tops!'.  

I clamber out of bed, I feel so sore and groggy. I take a quick shower, I cover all my bruises with foundation. My face is the worst affected but I manage to cover it up. I pull on shorts since I don't have any bad bruises on my legs,  it will just look like I fell over, I then chuck on a singlet and a light knitwear jumper, I don't want anyone to see the scars on my wrists or the fresh cut i made last night, and my fresh cut from last night. I brush my hair, clean my teeth, I pack a few things, I then grab my keys and go to my car. Luckily dad was sober enough to go to work, I didn't have to face him. I drive to Ariana's and she greets me with a warm smile and a hug. "oh my gosh I'm so excited! I hope Niall likes me! Your lucky that Harry likes you!"she bursts excitedly. "what?! He doesn't like me, and besides I'm only going because you want to see Niall "I say suppressing a laugh. It's like I'm the chaperone. "okay if you say so Luce, and of course I want to see Niall! He's so cute!" she says, her cheeks color red. I roll my eyes just as someone knocks at the door. Ariana runs to answer it, she comes back in and say's"they're here! Let's go" she has the biggest smile on her face. "Fine" I say following her out the door.

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