Torn - A Harry Styles Fan Fiction

Lucy's best friend Ariana pleads her to come along to the signing of one direction of which Lucy knows nothing about, but she agrees to it. When they are there harry gets this feeling and he cant help but feel attracted towards Lucy. Lucy thinks that he is just one of those boy bands that think they are all that and don't really care about others, but she soon finds out that maybe she was wrong maybe harry is really down to earth, kind and caring, and also very charming. but also whilst figuring out if she likes harry or not, when she is home her father drinks at the pub, comes home and beats her, what will happen if harry finds out? Can Lucy fix all her problems before she just cant take it anymore? Read to find out :)


7. memories


Ok so maybe Harry does truly like me, I think I’m going to give this a chance, I’m already starting to fall for him and right now there is no going back because every second that I spend with Harry I fall deeper under his charm.
Louis pulls up in his car and Harry opens my door and helps me in then climbs in after me, he is so sweet. We stop at my house so that I can get all my things, the boys come in and help me, I take a look around, I’m going to miss this place, it has such good memories from back when mum was alive, but I know I can’t stay here anymore it’s not safe for me. While Harry and Louis take some of my things which is not really much just 2 bags, one of all my important stuff like my lap top, and pictures ect.. then one with my clothes, to be honest I don’t have a huge closet full it’s not like I can just ask my dad for money, I have to work but I use that money for more important things like bandages and food and other necessities.  I decide to right dad a letter, if he is ever sober enough to read it that is.

Hey Dad,
I can’t say this to you in person because I know that it will turn out badly in one way or another but if you even care or seem to notice
that I am not at home anymore, well I will be living with a friend, I can’t go through the pain anymore that you put me through, I know you’re hurting because of mum but beating me is not going to bring her back, I miss mum like crazy and I wish that she was still here because then you wouldn’t have treated me the way, nobody knows about you beating me don’t worry I’m not telling anyone, but you should really get your act together before you do something you regret, if mum knew what you were doing do you think that she would be happy? It’s been 5 years dad, please for the sake of your health stop drinking, it hurts more than you know seeing you like this, anyway I’m not coming back so if you ever want to talk to me you know my cell phone number so if even care......

Love always your Daughter Lucy xoxoxoxo

I felt tears stream down my face as I sealed the letter in an envelope and stuck it on the kitchen counter; I took one last looking my room and remembered my last memory of my mother...
I looked at mother in the hospital bed weak and pale, barely able to move “Lucy baby, I have to tell you something dear, come here” she says in a whisper. I stand at her bedside scared and not knowing what was happing to my mama, “Darling, I’ve left some letter for you in a box under the floorboards in my closet make sure to find them when you’re ready” she says then the machines start bleeping out of control. “I love you Luce” she says just as the doctors rush in, it’s the last thing that she ever said to me.

I wipe my eyes and run to my mother’s room, I pull the floor boards up and reach in the hole and pull out a light pink box with a ribbon around it, I then pull out a stack full of envelopes with letters inside full of my mother’s handwriting. I hold them close to me and walk to Louis car.

Authors note:Sorry this is not the best chapter i've written but I promise it will get better :) Thanks you so much for reading and feel free to fan me I fan everyone back :) maybe add this to you favorites, comment your thoughts? :) - osnapitzjordy xoxo 
ps: also I forgot is anyone interested in starting a Liam Payne Fan fiction with me? :) comments if you'd like to :) thanks x


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