Torn - A Harry Styles Fan Fiction

Lucy's best friend Ariana pleads her to come along to the signing of one direction of which Lucy knows nothing about, but she agrees to it. When they are there harry gets this feeling and he cant help but feel attracted towards Lucy. Lucy thinks that he is just one of those boy bands that think they are all that and don't really care about others, but she soon finds out that maybe she was wrong maybe harry is really down to earth, kind and caring, and also very charming. but also whilst figuring out if she likes harry or not, when she is home her father drinks at the pub, comes home and beats her, what will happen if harry finds out? Can Lucy fix all her problems before she just cant take it anymore? Read to find out :)


4. I must be Dreaming...


I wake up and find myself in an unfamiliar room, I hop out of bed feeling groggy as hell. I pull open the bedroom door, and walk into a living room. What happened last night? How did I get here? And why is Harry here? Harrys smile beams towards me, I smile weakly back once everything comes rushing back to me. "did you have a good sleep?" Harry asks his voice like honey. I just nod, not trusting myself to speak. An unsure look comes across his face, "Lucy, last night I meant what I said, you can stay here as long as you want, I'd feel so much better knowing your safe than worrying about if you're going to be ok or not" Harry says, his voice cracks at the end so I know he's being sincere.
"I would like that" I say. Harry surprises me and pulls me into a hug, ok well he is probably just using this moment so he can get close to me, but for some reason my body decides to disobey my brain and my arms hang tight around Harrys neck and my heads in the crook of his shoulder. I don't know how long we stay like that, we spring apart when the boys stroll in, "she's awake!!!" yells Louis dramatically. I laugh, "what are we doing today?" asks Niall, I quickly glance at Harry and find him staring at me so I look away. "well I think that we should go shopping?" Liam asks, the boys cheer in agreement. I just sort of stand there awkwardly, "your coming aren't you Lucy?" Zayn asks. "um sure" I say in a small voice bearly audible. Harry gives me one of his dazzling smiles and I can't help but smile back ever so slightly.

Harrys p.o.v

I smile at lucy and get a small smile in return. Which seems to be an ultra rare thing for her so I cherish this moment. Yesterday when I found Lucy, my heart stopped I honestly thought she was dead, I felt so scared that I'd lost her and I know that she probably doesn't feel the same way about me as I do to her but if I were to lose her I think my life would fall apart, I know I only just met her but there's something about her that makes me want her to be mine. When I saw her lying crumpled at the bottom of her stairs, I didn't know what to do, I was screaming her name asking her to please wake up, tears were falling from my face but I didn't care. After what seemed like forever and eternity her eyes blinked open, I just held her tight. She told me about her father, everything, if I hadn't gone after her, I don't know what would have happened.

We are now sitting in the car, the boys are constantly asking Lucy questions, so at least it's not awkward for her. I watch her, I look at her lips, oh how I want to kiss her and hold her close, I'd do anything to just hold her in my arms, when i had her in my arms before i did not want the moment to end, it was so precious.  I could stare into her eyes all day. Lucy looks at me watching her, I blush and quickly look away, I see a small smile tug on her lips. "we're here!" shouts Louis from the drivers seat and we all pile out the car.

Lucyy's p.o.v

We walk into the mall, Harry watches me cautiously from behind like somethings going to happen to me, I saw him watching me in the car on the way over here, maybe there was something on my face? Louis is ecstatic bouncing around pointing at all the shops he wants to go to, Zayn is looking at his reflection in the shop windows, Niall is texting Ariana how cute! , Liam's talking to me but I'm not really paying attention.
We go into store after store, then I say, " let's go see a film". They all agree and we head towards the cinema, I end up between Louis and Harry. The movie is amazing, except for when Louis kept talking, but I guess there is always that one person. After the credits roll through we go back to the car and hop in, I feel so tired. Harry climbs into the car and sits next to me, I turn and look out the window, eventually I fall asleep and I feel someone pull me close to them, I'm not sure who tho because I'm too tired to focus on my surroundings.

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